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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Week 1 nominations and Power of Veto results.

Multiple alliances and final two deals are already being formed within the first few days of Big Brother 24. Here is the Week 1 alliance map.

‘Big Brother 24’ Week 1 alliance map

Alyssa Snider and Paloma Aguilar created one of the first Final Two deals of the season, named the Scorpio Sisters, and expanded it to include Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, Ameerah Jones, and Brittany Hoopes – Girls’ Girls.

Alyssa, Paloma, and Ameerah are also involved in another alliance, the Mamba, with Michael Bruner, Monte Taylor, and Kyle Capener. Additionally, an all-male group formed with Head of Household Daniel Durston, Joe “Pooch” Picciarelli, and Matt “Turner,” Motley Crew, which they also broadened to include Joseph Abdin, Monte, and Kyle, named Oasis.

Daniel and Nicole Layog have a Final Two, the Rogue Rats, which they believe is under wraps, but most of the house seemingly knows they’re a duo. Kyle and Pooch have aligned as the Blue-Eyed Bash Boys, and Turner and Brittany promised to protect each other with a pinky swear.

Many Live Feeders believe Brittany and Michael also have a Final Two due to their close relationship, but it hasn’t been established. Taylor Hale and Terrance Higgins are the only ones without solid alliances. However, Taylor has bonded with Michael and Brittany, and Terrance has connected with Kyle and Monte.

Michael Bruner won Power of Veto during Week 1

After aligning with Nicole and the Motley Crew, Daniel began to figure out who he should nominate.

He decided to put up people who haven’t talked game with him, considering it the easiest reasoning to explain. He told Nicole that he planned to nominate Michael due to his super fandom and Terrance because of their lack of game talk.

Daniel put up Michael and Terrance for eviction as discussed with the former as his target, believing it would get the least amount of blood on his hands.

He told Terrance he was only a pawn and briefly talked with Michael, who promised he wouldn’t nominate him if he stayed and won HOH. The selected Houseguests then competed for the Power of Veto, which Michael won.

Daniel Durston will likely name Taylor Hale as the replacement nominee

After the POV competition, Daniel told Ameerah that he’s planning to put up Taylor or Indy as the replacement nominee because they haven’t talked much game with him.

In a conversation with Paloma, the HOH told her that he wanted the person he puts up to go out unanimously. Discussing if he should target Taylor or Indy, Paloma admitted she leaned toward the former. The two claimed they don’t think Taylor has the best social game, and Paloma finds her a bit too “rehearsed.”


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Later that night, Monte told Paloma that Taylor told him of her plan to target the strong guys in the house. Paloma insisted it wasn’t true, although she and Alyssa have talked about their intent on aligning with the boys in the beginning before cutting them.

As many of the Houseguests, namely the Girls’ Girls alliance, have wanted Taylor out of the house, they used the information to get Daniel to put her up as a replacement nominee. Daniel seems willing as he wants to backdoor someone the house will unanimously evict. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.