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Many fans began speculating that popular Big Brother couple Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen secretly called it quits when the affectionate pair stopped posting each other on their social media after her time on The Challenge: USA. Angela has since confirmed the breakup.

Angela Rummans reveals her and Tyler Crispen’s relationship began to sour after their engagement

Around the summer of 2022, Tangela fans began noticing the Big Brother couple might have parted ways.

The pair remained silent about the alleged breakup until late January 2023, when Angela Rummans posted a YouTube video on the rebranded couple channel revealing the rumors were true.

She explained they hit a rough patch in mid-2021, a few months after their engagement, and admitted to participating in CBS’s new competition series The Challenge: USA, which she filmed in April 2022, hoping the break would help their relationship.

However, the Big Brother star claimed it continued to sour after her reality TV return, leading to them attending couple’s therapy. In August 2022, Angela explained the couple chose to split, and she went to Bali, where she’s enjoyed a healing journey while he remains in their Hilton Head, South Carolina-based home.

Angela confirmed the split with Tyler

A few months later, in December 2022, the reality star said she and Tyler had a video chat planned alongside her therapist where they planned to discuss the future of their relationship.

However, an article dropped a day before the conversation about their breakup, causing her to feel “silenced.” Therefore, she withdrew and hadn’t talked about it.

Angela clarified that she and Tyler aren’t currently together but plan to keep their house and jewelry company together. While The Challenge finalist didn’t dive deep into her breakup, she noted she might discuss the issues later. Angela then updated her fans on her life, announcing that she opened a business in Bali and acquired a two-year residency.

Tyler hasn’t confirmed the split yet but has begun posting on a separate YouTube account. A couple of weeks before her announcement, the BB20 runner-up uploaded a video reacting to a six-year-old clip he made for his future self. The reality star admitted he was going through a tough time but didn’t elaborate.

Tyler and Angela began dating in 2018; got engaged in 2021

In the summer of 2018, Angela and Tyler met while competing on Big Brother 20. The two were close allies throughout most of the game and successfully hid their showmance to avoid becoming targets.

They made it to the final four together, where Tyler finished runner-up and won America’s Favorite Houseguest. After publicly declaring they loved each other on the show, the two continued their romance outside the house.


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They moved in together and launched a jewelry company, Naut & Chain, before relocating to their hometown in Hilton Head, where they bought their first home.

In the summer of 2020, Tyler competed in Big Brother 22: All Stars but had a difficult time without Angela as they previously spent every day with each other. They announced their engagement three months after the season with a January 2021 YouTube video detailing the proposal. However, it didn’t last long, as Angela reported the couple began having issues a few months later.