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Big Brother champ Derrick Levasseur is recognized as one of the greatest houseguests to play the game and credited with shaping how future contestants compete. However, Derrick recently admitted he had at least one regret in a recent interview.

Why Derrick Levasseur wishes he won the final HOH in ‘Big Brother 16’

Eight years after winning Big Brother 16, Derrick Levasseur discussed his time on the show in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

When asked his “biggest regret” from his experience, Derrick admitted he wishes he won the final Head of Household instead of relying on ally Cody Calafiore to take him to the end.

Even though it worked out in his favor as he won, Derrick doesn’t like that his friend had to “really got a bad rap” as Cody’s move to take his Hitmen partner is viewed as one of the biggest faux pas because he would’ve won over Victoria Rafaeli.

Believing his friend was an “incredible” player, he’s happy Cody returned for All Stars, where he became the second player to play a “perfect game” to prove himself. Derrick insists that he didn’t throw the final Head of Household as some have suggested and pointed out that Cody barely beat him. Additionally, he confirmed that he would’ve taken his Hitmen partner to the end, preferring to win without people calling Cody an “idiot” for his decision. 

Derrick won ‘Big Brother 16’ in 2014

From the first week in the house, Derrick controlled pretty much everything.

He created and joined multiple alliances to keep him safe and orchestrated several evictions for his benefit, resulting in the Rhode Island-based cop making it throughout the competition without getting nominated.

Derrick only ended up in the eviction seats by default when Hitmen ally Cody won the final HOH, nominating him. However, he didn’t stay there long as Cody quickly decided to remain true to their final two deal, even though Derrick also had one with Victoria.

As the jurors felt he played the best game, regardless of Cody’s physical abilities, they awarded Derrick the win in a 7-2 vote. Due to his masterful gameplay, many fans consider the former cop as one of the best players in franchise history.

Cody Calafiore returned for ‘Big Brother 22’ and won

In 2020, Cody returned for Big Brother 22: All Stars and set himself up in a good position by winning the first HOH.

After making a final two deal with Memphis Garrett during the first week, they protected each other by creating a more extensive alliance, the six-person Committee.


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The group dominated the season as they won most of the competitions, keeping him safe. For an extra layer of protection, he joined several fake alliances and made many deals.

Additionally, he won a total of eight competitions during the season, which also prevented him from getting nominated. As a result of his dominating strategic and physical play, Cody unanimously won and became the second American houseguest after season 10’s Dan Gheesling to play a perfect game. Big Brother 24 premieres July 6 on CBS.