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Big Brother 16 star Zach Rance and Frankie Grande were close allies during their season and joked about being in a showmance with each other. Additionally, Live Feed viewers began “shipping” a real-life romance, which they thought came true when the two started hanging out with each other after filming. However, Zach always maintained they had a platonic relationship.

Six years later, the BB16 star turned certified Life Coach opened up about his sexuality and revealed he and Frankie were “more than friends” following the finale.

Houseguests Zach Rance and Frankie Grande on Big Brother
Houseguests Zach Rance and Frankie Grande on Big Brother | Sonja Flemming

Zach Rance and Frankie Grande were allies on ‘Big Brother 16’

In 2014, recent college graduate Zach Rance and YouTube personality Frankie Grande met on the 16th season of Big Brother. Already members of large alliances Bomb Squad and the Detonators, the two became close allies and cemented a final two deal.

However, Zach lost trust in Frankie after finding out that the YouTube personality almost flipped and voted him out of the game.

Even though the two “made up,” Frankie became the final Head of Household two weeks later and won Power of Veto, which he used to save Caleb Reynolds.

The YouTube personality then backdoored his former closest ally, ending Zankie for good.

Fans thought Zach and Frankie had a showmance during the show

Though Zach identified as straight and Frankie gay, the allies seemingly had a romantic relationship. They frequently hugged, cuddled, made sexually suggestive comments, and played up a showmance between the two.

Zach maintained that he was a straight man, who felt secure with his sexuality, in a platonic friendship with Frankie, even though Live Feed viewers began “shipping” a real-life Zankie romance.

Although the former allies hanging out post-show raised some eyebrows, the Big Brother stars always insisted they were only very good friends.

However, six years after the show wrapped, Zach revealed he and Frankie were “more than friends” at one point.

Zach reveals post-show hookup with Frankie

In December 2020, Zach, now a certified Life Coach, participated in a Mental Health: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity panel and opened up about his sexuality.

He explained he thought he identified as a straight man but “fell in love” with Frankie as a person. The BB16 star noted he enjoyed Frankie’s sense of humor and intelligence and found him attractive, which led to a “hook up” between the two post-show.


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Zach also said he had never hooked up with a guy before Frankie but didn’t know if he liked men or only the YouTube personality. Following another hookup with someone else, Zach noted he realized he identifies as bisexual, even though he “leans more toward heterosexuality.”

The BB16 star acknowledged he had never spoken about the extent of their relationship post-show but wanted to address it now to “inspire” others to be more “open-minded.” Big Brother 23 returns next summer.