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Bill Wyman is an original member of The Rolling Stones. However, he left the band in 1993. The Stones have remained together since then, but Wyman was a part of their glorious beginnings, where they wrote and recorded many of their most iconic songs. The bass guitarist is finally reuniting with the band, but he still doesn’t regret his decision to leave. 

Bill Wyman will appear on the next Rolling Stones album

It has been 30 years since Bill Wyman left The Rolling Stones. The band has continued gracefully, with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards leading the charge. However, there is still something special about seeing more of the original members united, especially with the recent death of drummer Charlie Watts

According to a report from The Sun, Wyman will be appearing on the next Rolling Stones album. The story was shared on June 9, 2023. Reportedly, Wyman flew down to Los Angeles and participated in a recording session after being invited by Jagger. He will only appear in one song, but the album will be a tribute to Watts, and he didn’t want to say no to that. 

“Bill hasn’t seen the band together for years but always loved Charlie,” a source shared. “This record’s really a tribute to Charlie, so he couldn’t say no.”

The album will also feature the final drum recordings of Watts before his death in 2021. Richards looks forward to fans hearing more of Watts’ legendary drumming. 

Wyman doesn’t regret leaving the band


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Bill Wyman explained his reasoning for leaving The Rolling Stones in a 2008 interview with The Telegraph. The bassist said he still enjoyed playing with his friends, but touring was causing too much pressure. 

“Playing with the Stones, there was always such a lot of pressure,” Wyman explained. “The next album or single always had to be the best, or at least sell more. When we got together to play, it was a great moment. Working with Charlie [Watts] was fantastic, and we’re still really close. But when I toured with the Stones, it would take a month to practice all these songs we’d been playing for 30 years.”

However, Wyman added that it might not have been the best timing to leave the band. He still got paid royalties, but it wasn’t enough to live off of. Still, he said he has no regrets as he took the free time he had to focus on raising his family. 

“Not for a second have I regretted leaving,” he told The Times’ Saturday Review. “Within two years of leaving the Stones, I was married to Suzanne (Accosta). We’ve been married for 30 years, we have three beautiful daughters, it couldn’t be better.”

Wyman also said he remained connected to his former bandmates, as their friendship never disappeared, even after he left the band. 

“I see Mick occasionally because my wife is best friends with Jerry Hall (Mick’s ex-wife),” he continued. “Mick and Keith and I send each other Christmas cards. I don’t have much to do with Ronnie.”

Bill Wyman is going to play bass on the next Rolling Stones album for the first time in 30 years, but he still doesn’t regret his decision to leave