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Kendall Long and her ex Joe Amabile reunited for Bachelor In Paradise Season 7. The two talked out their differences and tried to find closure. But according to Long, she was blindsided when she learned that shortly after her last conversation with him, Amabile proposed to Serena Pitt.

Kendall Long and Joe Amabile had an awkward reunion in ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 7

Bachelor in Paradise, BIP, Serena Pitt Joe Amabile Kendall Long
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ stars Joe Amabile and Kendall Long in 2019 | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Smile Train

Long and Amabile met in Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. They didn’t leave the show engaged but dated for two years until their 2020 breakup. 

So in season 7, when the exes came face to face in the same place they first met, things got tense. But just before the finale, Long let Amabile know she was happy for him. 

“I came down on this beach and was completely, like, surprised by how it made me feel and how overwhelming it was, ” Long says in the season finale. “And I think ultimately, what ended up happening is, I ended up coming here to fully let you go. I’m really excited for you and Serena, and I felt like I couldn’t leave the beach without fully, like, expressing that to you.”

But after their conversation, Kendall Long had no idea Joe Amabile would propose to Serena Pitt

Bachelor in Paradise BIP Joe Amabile Serena Pitt
Joe Amabile proposes to Serena Pitt in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7 | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Long and Amabile went through a lot together, both on and off camera. So with her return to Paradise, Long hoped they could finally find closure. 

“I was under the impression that Joe was going through a lot of mental difficulty with our relationship and me being there,” Long told Us Weekly. “And so, for me, coming back to talk to him, it would be a way to be like, ‘Hey, this chapter’s closed. It was kind of weird the way we ended it, but let’s make it not weird, and let’s move on.’”

But not long after their final heart-to-heart on Bachelor In Paradise, Amabile got down on one knee and asked Pitt to marry him. Long, who was still in the vicinity, said she had no clue when they talked that he was about to propose. 

“[I had] no idea there would ever be any sort of proposal at all,” she continued. “And I even said, like, ‘If there’s gonna be a proposal, I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t want to go to the beach because that’s not my day — that’s their day.'” 

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When Long later learned that Amabile proposed to Pitt, she was admittedly frustrated. And she told Us Weekly she wished she hadn’t been there.

“Finding out later that there was a proposal actually made me really upset and a bit angry. But that’s just what it ended up being,” Long revealed.

“And, hopefully, the situation that took place didn’t affect — it seems to not [have] affected their relationship [in] any way or their proposal in any way,” the reality star added. “Hopefully, it felt just as special, but I would’ve preferred not to be there that day.”