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The members of BLACKPINK not only work well together, but they have fantastic solo careers as well.

Recently, Rosé began releasing solo music for the first time. She was fortunate in that Jennie already had experience striking out on her own, and Jennie helped support Rosé in a few sweet ways.

BLACKPINK standing on stage
BLACKPINK | Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella

Both Jennie and Rosé have solo careers

Jennie was the first BLACKPINK member to embarked on a solo music career. In 2018, she released the single “Solo” as well as an album with the same name. Jennie’s project was extremely well-received in South Korea. The single charted at number one, while the album went to number two.

Then, in early 2021, Rosé became the second BLACKPINK member to have a solo career. She released an album called R as well as two singles: “On the Ground” and “Gone.”

The sweet ways Jennie supported Rosé

Being a solo artist can be a different experience from working in a group. Fortunately, Jennie was there to help Rosé do well.

“I think [Jennie] knew that I had it all together and knew where I was going. I think she knew that I would need a lot of support, too,” Rosé said in a new interview with Billboard. “You only know how it feels to be in that position if you’ve been in that position. She was trying to support me on the side and give me little presents here and there and check up on how I’m doing. She knew how much of a help it is when somebody does reach out.”

Additionally, when Rosé went on the South Korean show Knowing Bros to promote her first single, she revealed Jennie also gave her some advice as she was recording music.

Rosé shared, “We had a video call during the first recording, and [Jennie said], ‘You don’t have to worry too much. Much it short and sweet.’”

How Rosé will help Jisoo and Lisa next


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It seems Rosé is appreciative of the support she got from Jennie, and she will likely pay it forward when Jisoo and Lisa embark on their solo careers as well. YG Entertainment has shared that both Jisoo and Lisa will release their own music later this year.

Speaking to Billboard, Rosé said she believes Jisoo and Lisa will be “so perfect” as solo artists.

In terms of how she will support them, Rosé revealed, “If anything, more than giving them advice, I think I would just be there for them and make sure I’m there supporting them emotionally and physically — just being there and helping out. I will just make sure to let them know I’m there if they need my help.”

Rosé also explained that Jisoo went to her music video shoot and created good energy on the set. Perhaps fans will get to see Rosé on the set of a member’s video shoot as well.