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Bachelor Nation fans can’t wait for a new season of Bachelor in Paradise. While Peter Weber’s Bachelor season just finished, we’re all anxiously awaiting to see which ladies from his season will enter Paradise. And fans are still reeling over what occurred last season on the show.

We know Blake Horstmann made quite a name for himself on the beaches of Mexico. While many ladies were looking forward to connecting with Horstmann, a number of women were turned off to some of his actions he took prior to the show.

Horstmann had relations with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman at a music festival, and he pursued both Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin on the beach. And fans may recall one of his go-to moves was dancing with the ladies, which is why they’re making fun of him now for his Instagram videos showing him dancing in his living room.

Blake Horstmann was known for playing the field prior to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Blake Horstmann on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Blake Horstmann on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Bachelor in Paradise is always full of love, heartbreak, and drama, and a lot of the chaos in Season 6 surrounded Horstmann. Horstmann made it known he was most interested in furthering a relationship with Godwin, though he chose to go on his first date with Adams. As if this wasn’t confusing enough, Miller-Keyes dropped major bombs once she arrived.

According to Miller-Keyes, she and Horstmann had a relationship going after getting together at Stagecoach Festival prior to Paradise. Miller-Keyes maintained she and Horstmann even talked about skipping the show altogether to start a relationship. This ultimately led to Horstmann releasing private texts between him and Miller-Keyes to clear his name.

When Schulman arrived on the show, Horstmann found himself in hot water once again. Schulman confronted Horstmann about his behavior at Stagecoach, as they also had relations. This, of course, put Horstmann in a bad position once again.

Horstmann tried to win Hannah Godwin over with his dance moves

Horstmann seemed the most enamored with Godwin when arriving on the beach. And he attempted to solidify this connection with her despite Godwin establishing a romance with Dylan Barbour. One of the ways Horstmann attempted to woo Godwin was through dancing on the beach as well — though many of the other Paradise-goers were up to Horstmann’s old tricks.

“Stop wasting your time on Blake. You’re building his ego,” Demi Burnett told the cameras.

Matters became even worse when Horstmann and Godwin were spotted kissing right in front of Barbour. And we ultimately know that Godwin ditches Horstmann for Barbour, which leads to their engagement.

His followers are poking fun at his Instagram video

It seems Horstmann’s moonlight dancing wasn’t enough for Godwin, and it’s also made him the joke of BIP. He’s still willing to make fun of himself, though. On March 21, he posted a video of him dancing in his home — and he pointed out his infamous on-screen moves in the caption.

“Welp just because we can’t go out and dance doesn’t mean we can’t have a little living room dance party…and you guys thought I only had the same moves,” he joked.

His followers weren’t having it, though.

“Give this a rest already,” one follower noted.

“The signature move,” another added.

“You learned a new dance,” another seemed to sarcastically comment.

“The only dance move u know,” yet another wrote.

We doubt Horstmann will be back for another chance at love on BIP, but he does appear to be single. Perhaps he’ll try these new moves on another lady soon.

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