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Netflix’s Bling Empire star Anna Shay died in June 2023, deeply upsetting her co-stars and fans. Shay was a fan-favorite and also one of the richest cast members from the series that focused on wealthy East and Southeast Asian Americans in the Los Angeles area. So, was Anna Shay married when she died, and who are her four ex-husbands? Here’s everything to know.

Anna Shay from 'Bling Empire' in a gold dress at an event for the show. Shay is survived by her son, but she didn't have a husband at the time of her death.
Anna Shay from ‘Bling Empire’ | Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Netflix

Was ‘Bling Empire’ star Anna Shay married when she died?

Was Anna Shay married when she died — and if so, who was her husband? It seems Shay was not married at the time of her death.

Shay’s family wrote a statement to Variety regarding the Bling Empire star’s death. “It saddens our hearts to announce that Anna Shay, a loving mother, grandmother, charismatic star, and our brightest ray of sunshine, has passed away at the early age of 62 from a stroke,” they stated. “Anna taught us many life lessons on how not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the finer things. Her impact on our lives will be forever missed but never forgotten.”

“This is such a huge shock,” Shay’s co-star Kim Lee added. “I have so much love for Anna. I know that we had issues on the show but in real life, I had such a great connection with her outside of the show. We saw eye to eye, and she gave me so many words of wisdom I will never forget. There’s no one like Anna Shay; she’s an incredible and unique person who was beloved by so many people. My thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.”

There’s little evidence to suggest Shay was dating anyone before her death. Her last Instagram post was in December 2022. Prior to this post, she didn’t give any indication that she had a current love interest.

She hasn’t revealed the identities of her 4 ex-husbands


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While Anna Shay wasn’t married at the time of her death, she had four ex-husbands. Reports suggest the splits between each of her husbands were amicable, but Bling Empire fans don’t know who her husbands are. Shay has made a point to never reveal their identities.

Shay’s wealth also doesn’t come from any of her relationships. Instead, it came from her father’s company. Her father founded Pacific Architects and Engineers, a company that manufactures and sells defense services. When her father died, her younger brother took over as CEO. He then sold the company in an all-cash deal for him and Shay to split. Anna Shay’s net worth was $600 million when she died.

Who is Anna Shay’s son, Kenny Kemp?

While little is known about Anna Shay’s husbands, Bling Empire fans do know about her son, Kenny Kemp. Shay had Kemp with one of her husbands of the past.

Kemp is a cannabis enthusiast and owns a $500,000 collection worth of bongs that he stores in Shay’s basement. The collection includes pipes, pendants, marbles, and tubes is extensive for someone who doesn’t work in the cannabis industry.

“The demographic that does buy [glass] usually has money that’s not the cleanest,” he explained to Buzzfeed News in 2015. “How are you not gonna spend a lot of money on [glass], when you have so much [cash]? Like how are you going to wash it out?”

Kemp’s collection may have changed from 2015 to 2023, of course. And it seems he likely inherited his mother’s fortune after her death. With that said, Kemp leads a very private life away from the Netflix spotlight. Bling Empire fans shouldn’t expect him to appear on TV anytime soon.

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