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Blue Bloods returns to CBS on Sept. 27 and the season 10 premiere will also be the CBS drama’s 200th episode. As such, fans are anticipating great things from the milestone episode.

Tom Selleck as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on 'Blue Bloods.'
Tom Selleck as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods.’ | John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

When the show returns, someone new will be joining the cast: old favorite Dylan Walsh. 

Walsh, best known for Nip/Tuck, will play the recurring role of the newly elected mayor of New York City, who is a champion of the middle class. His storyline will tie in with Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), whom he tries to convince to run for Manhattan District Attorney.

How will Dylan Walsh interact with the regulars?

According to Deadline, which broke the news of Walsh’s casting, the new mayor is a “pragmatic businessman” who sees in Erin Reagan a socially liberal and fiscally conservative compatriot who can help him realize his campaign promises. However, Erin quickly comes to realize that she may not be working with the new mayor so much as working for him, and that stands to create conflict. 

In its preview of the new Blue Bloods season, Parade notes that in the nine seasons so far, the Reagan clan has dealt with three mayors: Mayor Robert Levitt (Frank Russo), Mayor Carter Poole (David Ramsay) and Mayor Margaret Dutton (Lorraine Bracco). But Walsh’s mayor stands to present some particular challenges for the Reagans.

Erin Reagan has always been something of an outlier in the family, being the one who became a lawyer rather than a police officer. She had wanted to take the police exam, but was dissuaded from doing so by father and family patriarch Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), to his regret.

Erin Reagan is now the Bureau Chief for the DA’s office. She has been tempted by other job powerful job offers, such as a judgeship, but has remained a prosecutor. So it will be interesting to see if she wants the top job in her own department as an elected official.

What else has Dylan Walsh been in?

Dylan Walsh attends the New York premiere of Ringling Bros.
Dylan Walsh | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Feld Enteratinment

While Walsh’s main claim to fame is the role of Dr. Sean McNamara on Nip/Tuck from 2003 to 2010, his other credits include five years on Unforgettable, a police procedural that ran on CBS and then on A&E. Walsh played Lieutenant Al Burns, the commander of the detective squad. 

Walsh’s big-screen work includes the title character in the 2009 remake of  The Stepfather opposite You star Penn Badgley. His other credits include Secretariat, The Lake House, We Were Soldiers, Congo, Nobody’s Fool and Where the Heart Is.

HuffPost once asked Walsh about his Nip/Tuck days, asking if a lot of women showed him their implants. He replied: “I would get people coming up, but more tongue-in-cheek — never really meaning it, but kind of wanting to know what work they needed done. The answer always was, “Oh, you don’t need a thing done.” I was lying nine times out of 10. One of the great things about that show was that it coincided with the trend itself. I think [creator] Ryan Murphy was a genius in that he caught it right when the trend was on the rise and so it became a cultural thing. It wasn’t just a TV show.”

What else is happening this season of ‘Blue Bloods’?

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The new mayor won’t be the only wrinkle in season 10. Per Parade, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) will handle with a year-old homicide investigation brought to their attention by Maggie Gibson (Callie Thorne), the medium who had previously helped them solve a case Danny had been skeptical of Maggie, but the two grow closer this season.

Meanwhile, Frank helps his ex-partner Lenny (Treat Williams) when his daughter is arrested, with Lenny also becoming the first non-family member to appear in the show’s famous family dinner scenes.