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Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed their 2022 Christmas card and the family went with a very casual photo featuring plenty of smiles. In the image, the Prince and Princess of Wales walk outside with their children as they all hold hands.

Prince William and Kate Middleton body language in new Christmas card analyzed
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton shared 2022 Christmas card photo

On Dec. 13, the couple shared the card photo on their social media accounts, captioning the image, “Sharing a new picture of the family for this year’s Christmas card.”

The photo was taken by photographer Matt Porteous in Norfolk earlier this year and captures the family walking hand-in-hand, with William on one end, holding Prince George’s hand and Kate on the other end holding Prince Louis’ hand. Princess Charlotte is in the center, holding hands with each of her brothers on either side of her.

Kate pairs a white button-down top with blue jeans, while William wears a blue shirt and jeans. The boys wear shorts and polos while Charlotte wears a denim romper with red details.

Expert analyzes William and Kate’s body language in the Christmas card photo

Body language expert Judi James shared her analysis of the Christmas card photo with The Sun, explaining that she spotted some tension in the mix.

According to James, there’s a “glaring tell” with William’s gaze away from the camera. The expert said the way he puts one hand in his pocket while holding George’s hand shows his “desire to hide.”

She noted, “The direction of his gaze looks reflective or distracted. His smile also looks forced and is aimed at no one.”

James pointed out how George seems to be leading in this pose. “[William] would always be the one motivating and leading the family group poses,” she explained. “Touchingly, it looks as though George has taken over that role from his father here.”


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Expert calls Kate Middleton’s smile in the photo ‘tense’

James further analyzed Kate’s expression in the Christmas card photo, pointing out how her smile “is a little more tense than usual.”

She noted that the tension could be the result of wrangling three kids for a family photo. “With an asymmetric twist at one corner of her mouth, it suggests the kind of mixed emotions any parent might have organizing three children for a family photo.”

James added, “There is a strong sense of pride in her eye expression though.”

Despite any tension she observed, James said the image portrayed a “united family team” with the color scheme and pose.

She explained, “The casual denim/blue toning-but-not-matching outfits create a message of five individuals with strong personalities. There is also a sense of freedom about the pose, with its outdoor, relaxed setting and details like William’s rather elderly and scuffed-looking trainers, flying in the face of his brother’s narrative that he had to flee to the US to find his own ‘freedom.'”

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