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Bullet Train star Brad Pitt was recently called out on his “signature move” by his castmates, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry. Released August 5, 2022, Bullet Train has been one of several star-studded, big-budget theatrical releases this summer. The film features an incredible ensemble cast that spends nearly the entire movie beating each other up. Yet, Pitt’s “signature move” is decidedly not a fight move at all. 

Brad Pitt’s ‘signature move’ is… eating

Starring as Bullet Train’s cheeky “twin” assassins, Tangerine and Lemon, Taylor-Johnson and Henry appeared with Pitt recently in an interview. In the Comedy Central interview (which is just as hilarious as the film itself), the actors discuss what Pitt’s signature move is. The host, Josh Horowitz, suggests that the answer is not a fight move but the simple act of eating, as Pitt’s characters are commonly seen grazing.

Bullet Train is no exception. Pitt snacks on Wasabi peas in several scenes of the movie (in between his ass kickings). “It was just a couple of wasabi peas!” Pitt cries in response to Horowitz’s comment. “I didn’t hang the whole film on wasabi peas!”

Brad Pitt has eaten on camera in a lot of movies

In truth, Pitt has found a way to eat in most of his movies. In a 2020 article, Insider estimates that Pitt has eaten in over 60 of his films, sometimes snacking more than once in the same film. “There were nine examples of him eating in Ocean’s Eleven alone and six in Meet Joe Black, the publication reports. 

His snacks have included everything from rats and human blood in Interview with the Vampire, to bags of chips in Se7en, to caviar in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He ate dog food in Seven Years in Tibet and discovered the joy of peanut butter in Meet Joe Black. Smoothies were his thing in Burn After Reading. 

When Ed Norton’s character called him in Fight Club, Pitt’s Tyler Durden can be heard loudly munching on the other end of the phone. In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, he opted for noshing on his Bloody Mary’s celery. In Moneyball, he ate a Twinkie, Christmas cookies, French fries, popcorn, ice cream, and sunflower seeds. Now, with Bullet Train, wasabi peas can be added to the long list of foods Pitt has consumed on camera. 

Brad Pitt’s upcoming movies

brad pitt
Brad Pitt attends the “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” UK Premiere at the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on July 30, 2019 in London, England. | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

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Pitt has two upcoming films in the works currently. And both will reunite him with big names he has worked with in the past. The first, Babylon, will see Pitt paired with Margot Robbie again. Pitt and Robbie have worked together several times before, first, in 2015’s The Big Short and then again in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The new project, directed by La La Land’s Damien Chazelle, takes place in 1920s Hollywood with a mix of historical and fictional characters.  

Pitt’s other forthcoming (and untitled) project will see him reunite with his Ocean’s Eleven co-star, George Clooney. Pitt and Clooney will play two fixers brought together to clean up the same job. 

And while Pitt joked in his interview with The Untitled Josh Horowitz Show that he “can never eat in a film again,” it is likely audiences will see the star still snacking away in his upcoming movies.