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Breaking Bad is considered one of the best television shows ever made for a variety of reasons. The series focused on in-depth, deliberate storytelling and intense character development. Fans started out feeling bad for Walter White until, gradually, they began to hate him for the monster he became.

One of the most gruesome murders ever committed was when Walt blew up his boss and mortal enemy, Gus Fring. Walt managed to outsmart Fring by preying on his only known weakness. The result was a shockingly gory scene that Breaking Bad fans will never forget.

And it’s all thanks to the special effects crew of The Walking Dead, who were well-versed in creating a gross spectacle.

Walter White had his work cut out for him killing Gus Fring

When Walt and Jesse first start cooking meth together, they have no idea what they’re in for. Eventually, they’re hired by the preeminent drug dealer in the Southwest, Gus Fring, who works for a Mexican cartel. Fring is a meticulous, ruthless, menacing figure who does not love Jesse or Walt. But as a businessman, he realizes he needs them to make a superior product for his customers.

Eventually, the strained relationship between Walt and Fring deteriorates so badly that Walt realizes it’s a kill or be killed situation. He tries to assassinate Fring by blowing up his car, but the drug kingpin senses danger and avoids the vehicle.

Walt knows he’ll have to come up with an epic plan to defeat Fring. That’s exactly what he does.  

Walter White murders Gus Fring in a disgusting way

Gus Fring Better Call Saul
Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

The only weakness Fring seems to have is his ongoing rivalry with the Salamanca family, specifically Hector Salamanca. He and Fring are both employees of the cartel and are supposed to work together. However, Hector ruins the relationship early on when he brutally murder’s Fring’s partner.

Walt exploits this by using Hector as bait and luring Fring to visit Hector under false pretenses. Walt previously rigged an explosive to Hector’s wheelchair which detonates at the ring of Hector’s bell. Gus Fring realizes what’s happening a few seconds too late.

Gus Fring has his face blown off


‘Breaking Bad’ Gus Fring’s Crazy Death Scene in ‘Face Off’ Had Some Subtle Chicken Man Symbolism

The Breaking Bad Season 4 finale, “Face Off,” is just what it sounds like. It’s a face off between Walt and Fring plus it literally causes Fring’s face to come off. There’s one chilling moment when Gus stumbles out of Hector’s smoky room and fans believe he somehow survived the blast. However, a glimpse at the side of his face proves that’s not possible.

Half of Gus’ face gets blown off in the explosion. The camera highlights this in gruesome fashion, which is not typical for Breaking Bad. That’s why they enlisted the special effects team from fellow AMC show The Walking Dead.

Gilligan told The New York Times, “We did have great help from the prosthetic effects folks at The Walking Dead… it’s a combination of great makeup and great visual effects. And it took months to do.”

That effort certainly paid off. Gus Fring’s death scene is one of the most remembered in the entire series.