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On July 31, J-Hope of BTS made history as the first Korean artist to headline a major U.S. festival when he headlined Lollapalooza 2022. To support his bandmate, Jimin of BTS flew to Chicago to watch J-Hope’s performance. In a VLIVE livestream, J-Hope shared how appreciative he was of Jimin’s grand gesture.

Jimin and J-Hope of BTS at the 34th Golden Disc Awards
(L-R) Jimin and J-Hope of BTS | THE FACT/Imazins via Getty Images

J-Hope is grateful for Jimin watching his Lollapalooza performance

After his Lollapalooza performance, J-Hope held a livestream on VLIVE. After J-Hope initially talked about his performance with ARMY, Jimin joined J-Hope for the livestream.

In the livestream, J-Hope admitted he was really nervous before Jimin arrived in Chicago.

“I had a hard time practicing in Chicago, too. As soon as Jimin came here, I was laughing a lot. Really, I was laughing a lot. He really gave me a lot of support and help. I thank him so much as he came all the way here. He supported me a lot,” J-Hope said.

He continued, “He came here for me. Well, I didn’t have any appetite since I came here. I didn’t eat a lot. But after Jimin came here and we had something to eat here in this hotel room. I ate so much. That means that he gave me a lot of support and stability. That’s so big.”

When J-Hope said this, Jimin looked at the camera and gave a thumbs-up sign.

The two BTS members kept praising one another

During the VLIVE, J-Hope and Jimin repeatedly complimented one another and showed their appreciation for their BTS bandmate.

“He really relaxed me. I want to thank him so much,” J-Hope said of Jimin.

Jimin then went on to compliment J-Hope’s performance at Lollapalooza.

“The quality of performance was so high. I’m just one of your fans, today,” Jimin told J-Hope in the VLIVE.

J-Hope replied, “As soon as the performance was over, you complimented me so much. And I like the compliments from our members most. I really mean it.”


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Currently, the members of BTS are prioritizing solo projects when it comes to their music. J-Hope was the first member to embark on this phase of the band members’ careers with his album Jack In The Box and his Lollapalooza performance.

In the VLIVE, Jimin acknowledged J-Hope’s strength in being the first member to take on the new challenge.

“It must have been lonely. Because we’ve been in the group so long. And you are the first one who tried this,” the BTS singer said.

What made Jimin decide to fly to see J-Hope perform at Lollapalooza 2022

J-Hope released his album Jack In The Box on July 15. In April, BTS put on Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas concerts.

During the VLIVE, Jimin revealed that he decided to attend Lollapalooza after J-Hope played his solo music for Jimin while they were in Las Vegas for BTS’ concerts.

“Why I came here is that I’m sure all the other members wanted to come. When we were in the U.S. he played the song that he made. As soon as I heard that song, I thought ‘I should go,’” Jimin said.

“In Vegas?” J-Hope asked.

“Yes,” Jimin answered.