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When you think about the legendary K-Pop group BTS, you have to think about Jin. When he isn’t singing his heart out, or giving the BTS ARMY the attention that they desperately crave –Jin is exploring his non-music interest.

In addition to singing, Jin loves traveling to new places –which is why Bon Voyage is so important to him. Jin has also continued to focus on his education, despite his fast-paced and explosive career. He’s also an entrepreneur after opening a restaurant with his brother.

Still, if there is one thing the 27-year-old is known for, it’s his iconic style.

Jin’s nickname is Worldwide Handsome

With a nickname like Worldwide Handsome, you have to have some type of swag. Jin has swag in spades. The musician began calling himself Worldwide Handsome jokingly. Of course, the ARMY ran with it.

Jin doesn’t use the nickname arrogantly or to boast. Instead, he simply adores the hilarious way that his fans have reacted to it. After all, one of Jin’s hopes for his fans is that he is able to make them laugh and smile.

Part of the reason why BigHit Entertainment recruited Jin for BTS is because of the way he carries himself. The self-confidence is one of the major factors that J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, V, and Suga have been able to emulate.

Jin is growing out his hair extra long

Jin is not afraid to switch up his look. When BTS was spotted in late November 2019 in the Gimpo International Airport, fans noticed that Jin’s dark hair had some curl to it.

During a VLIVE session Jin clarified what’s actually going on with his new look. “No, I didn’t get a perm,” he explained. “I’m just growing it out. It’s always the same. My hairstylist said that it would be nice to have a haircut. I always have the same hairstyle. I said I’ll grow my hair this time.”

However, Jin did say that he won’t be having shoulder-length hair or anything like that. “Not too long, though,” he revealed. “I just wanted to try a slightly different style. I’m growing it just a little.”

Clearly, the ARMY adores this new look. “Kim Seokjin, it’s been a constant stream of attacks these past few days,” a Reddit declared. “I don’t know how much more I can take but keep ’em coming.”

This is how many piercings Jin has

Though Jin has toned down his look a lot in recent years, back in the day, he lived for statement earrings. If you take a look at past seasons of Bon Voyage and old music videos, you will see that Jin wore two earrings in his left ear.

At present, the boy bander seems much more focused on his overall style than his jewelry choices. This is why he’s never added any more piercings to his ears, but that could certainly change in the future.

After all, Jimin has three piercings in his left ear and Jungkook has between seven and nine piercings, both guys look amazing, so we’re sure Jin would too. For now, the ARMY can just gawk at the long hair and the all-black suits.