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We were all getting out lives to BTS x Halsey’s ‘Boy With Luv” when they decided to drop yet another magic gem on us. The beloved K-pop boy band group just teamed up with the “Without Me” songstress again to deliver yet another iconic gem for the ARMY’s ears.

Things are a tad different this time around. Instead of teaming up with the entire crew — Halsey has teamed up with Suga — one of BTS’ songwriters, rapper and producers to deliver, “Suga’s Interlude.” Yes, it’s as legendary as it sounds.

The song is an early single for the songstress’ forthcoming album — Manic which is set to drop  Jan. 17, 2020. However, Suga and Halsey didn’t just give their fans a song for no reason — “Suga’s Interlude” has a stunning meaning. One that you would never expect.

This is why Halsey collaborated with Suga for her ‘Manic’ album

On Dec. 3 — three days before dropping “Suga’s Interlude” Halsey went on Instagram Live to chat about why she wanted collab with Suga for her forthcoming album. Chatting about her album collaborations she said,

One of them is with Suga from BTS, and he really fit the sentiment and the vibe of the album and what it’s about. So I felt like I really wanted to include him.  Yoongi is really introspective and really intelligent perspective on where we are and what we’re doing in our unique lifestyles.

Inside Suga x Halsey’s “Suga’s Interlude” lyrics

Per usual — the lyrics on “Suga’s Interlude are extremely meaningful both to Halsey and the BTS boy bander.

Intro: Halsey

I’ve been trying all my life/ To separate the time/ In between the having it all/ And giving it up, yea

Verse 1: Suga

This wandering in which my head is only filled with the color blue/ Self-loathing and egotism live inside my heart / The me who was filled with dreams grew up/ and made all my dreams come true / But I’m living, thinking at the same time that keeping dreams as only dreams is better / Hoping that my jump is not my fall/ I believe your faith, efforts, beliefs, and greed, are not hideous/ Although the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest/ Never forget that the stars that you wish for can only rise within the dark

Verse 2: Suga

Sometimes, [I wonder], if this is the right [path] I’m walking/ If I run endlessly towards the end of the tunnel, what will there be / It’s true, it’s honestly different from the future that I had hoped for/ But it doesn’t matter, now it’s a matter of living/surviving/ It doesn’t matter what happened / Yeah yeah it might be different from the things that you expected / Your living and your loving might change/ That’s true That’s true That’s true Yeah so are you gonna move/ We’re still too youthful and young to hesitate/ Let’s face it (our lives)

Outro: Halsey

I’ve been trying all my life/ To separate the time/ In between the having it all/ And giving it up, yeah I wonder what’s in store If I don’t love it anymore/ Stuck between the having it all/ And giving it up, yeah…

The meaning behind “Suga’s Interlude”

Obviously, the song is extremely touching. Suga’s lyrics, in particular, reflect on trying to make sure you’re fulfilled, dealing with self-hatred and trying to tame your personal ego.

As one fan tweeted, “I can’t get over how brutally and nakedly honest Yoongi’s lyrics are. He isn’t afraid to show his weaknesses, his vulnerabilities, his darkest and deepest thoughts. It’s like he’s sharing with us a page of his diary, a glimpse into his mind. How very, very brave.”