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On July 1, J-Hope of BTS released a single called “MORE.” The song is a pre-release single for his upcoming album Jack In The Box. J-Hope also released a music video for “MORE,” and when the music video dropped, some BTS fans thought they spotted fellow BTS member V in the video. In a new BTS Episode, it was revealed that V did indeed visit J-Hope while he filmed the “MORE” music video and decided to make a cameo.

A joined photo of J-Hope and V of BTS
(L-R) J-Hope and V of BTS | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic; Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

J-Hope of BTS released a music video for ‘MORE’

For the time being, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of BTS are prioritizing solo music releases. J-Hope is the first member to kick off solo promotions with Jack In The Box.

The BTS rapper dropped a single called “MORE” to give fans an idea of what to expect from his solo album. “MORE” is described as “an old-school hip hop track highlighted by raw drum beats and powerful guitar sound” in a press release.

The music video for “MORE” shows J-Hope receiving a package. The rapper then enters a hallway and moves from room to room. At the end of the music video, J-Hope looks down at the delivered package, and it’s revealed the box contains the different rooms he was visiting in the music video.

V appeared in J-Hope’s ‘MORE’ music video

In the “MORE” music video, an extra in the background resembles V of BTS. The extra can be seen standing around the 2:17 minute mark in the music video.

On July 6, a new BTS Episode was published on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel. The BTS Episode confirmed that V visited J-Hope’s music video set and decided to be in the music video.

When V appeared, J-Hope laughed and hugged his bandmate.

“How did you get here?” J-Hope asked.

“I’m here to see you,” V replied.


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After watching J-Hope film, V then decided he wanted to be an extra in the music video.

“Should I be a mannequin too? Just say the word I can be a mannequin too,” V suggested.

J-Hope quickly agreed and showed V where he could stand for filming. After they filmed a take, the two looked at the monitor.

“I think ARMY will catch on right away,” J-Hope said.

BTS fans reacted to V appearing in J-Hope’s ‘MORE’ music video

After the BTS Episode was posted on YouTube, BTS fans were pleasantly surprised to have it confirmed that V appeared in the “MORE” music video.

On social media, ARMY praised how supportive Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are of each other.

“Tae was so sweet to have paid Hobi hyung a visit, bringing waffles and his supportive energy. Actually, besides Jazz, Tae can consider Rock/Punk, it suits him! Hats off to ARMY who spotted him in the MV, seriously y’all have eagle eyes,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

Another fan wrote on Reddit, “I love that Taehyung was there and managed to make a cameo! It’d be interesting if this becomes an ongoing thing and a random member makes an appearance in their MVs like that. Not super obvious but people found out immediately anyway (just like Hobi said).”

“The sheer joy and love that broke onto Hobi’s face when Tae showed up. Ooof. It is so heartening to see how much they love each other. I know we know about it already but it’s also so nice to see. And how sweet of him to be like okay imma be a mannequin. Peak younger sibling energy of wanting to try all the cool things,” wrote a Reddit user.

J-Hope’s album Jack In The Box will be released on July 15.