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Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have been together for more than a decade. While this power couple appears to be going strong, they have seen their share of drama when it comes to the tabloids. The couple recently welcomed their second child together, and now, Underwood has set out on a massive tour with her whole family in tow. With so much going on, it can be hard to spend time working on a relationship. But she and Fisher do one activity together to help keep their relationship going strong.

Carrie Underwood Mike Fisher
Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher | Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Fisher and Underwood first met in 2008

Fisher and Underwood hit it off the moment they met. More than a decade ago, Underwood’s bassist wanted to introduce her to his friend, who happened Mike Fisher, a hunky hockey star playing for the Ottawa Senators. According to Country Living, Underwood suggested the two meet backstage after one of her shows. The first thing she said to Childers after meeting Fisher was that he was “Hot, hot, hot.” The couple kept up a long distance relationship, and it was three months before they spoke again. But eventually, they made things work, and Fisher ended up getting traded to Nashville, in part so that he and Underwood could truly start a life together. 11 years and two kids later, the couple is still going strong.

Underwood had a tough time getting pregnant, and divorce rumors were everywhere 

In 2015, Underwood and Fisher welcomed their first child, a son named Isaiah. Not long after Isaiah was born, fans couldn’t help but wonder when the two would have another baby. However, several years passed without a pregnancy announcement. Then, Underwood suffered a tough fall in 2017 that left her worried her face would look different. With no pregnancy announcement and things not going well for Underwood after her fall, rumors started to swirl that she and Fisher were getting a divorce.

While the rumors proved to be untrue, it was later revealed that Underwood had suffered three miscarriages after having her first child. She opened up to CBS that she was worried she would never be able to have another baby. However, the couple finally welcomed a second son, Jacob Bryan Fisher, in 2019.

The two often workout at the same time, which Underwood says is ‘better together’

Despite the divorce rumors, Underwood and Fisher appear better than ever both emotionally and physically. Underwood recently posted a photo working out alongside her husband. “Better together!” she captioned the photo. With two young kids, Underwood and Fisher probably don’t get a ton of time to spend together. This means they need to think of creative ways to keep their connection strong — and working out between shows is one of them.

Less than four months after giving birth, Underwood embarked on a major nationwide tour that also has dates in Canada and the United Kingdom. Fisher is by her side, likely doing a lot of the parenting since Underwood is so busy. Joining her on the tour also allowed the couple to squeeze in some quality time anywhere they can. 

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