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A “normal” life is subjective for Carrie Underwood, a household name for almost two decades. She works out, takes care of her kids, and invests in her home like anyone else. But she also sells out stadium tours, wins Grammys, and stands out as country music royalty. 

Though Underwood has likely adjusted to her lifestyle, it’s a long way from her beginnings in Oklahoma. The American Idol winner’s career is also far from what most people consider a run-of-the-mill job. And now that her two sons are growing older, they’re beginning to notice their mom doesn’t have the same routine as other parents. 

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher have 2 sons

Carrie Underwood son
Carrie Underwood | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

After one of Carrie Underwood’s band members introduced the “Cry Pretty” singer to NHL player Mike Fisher, the couple married in 2010. In 2015, they welcomed Isaiah. (Fisher retired from the Nashville Predators in 2018.) Following three miscarriages that Underwood spoke publicly about, she delivered another healthy son, Jacob, in 2019.

The family lives on a 400-acre estate south of Nashville, where they’ve built their dream home from scratch. Though the house is expansive and on a property worth millions, Underwood’s original wishlist was straightforward: a wood-burning fireplace, a porch swing, and rocking chairs. She has those, plus a mix of modern and classic interior designs — with enviable walk-in closets and a home gym. 

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher want their kids to have a ‘normal’ life

Underwood, 39, and Fisher, 42, have strived to maintain normalcy in their family habits. When she isn’t on tour, the family eats meals together six nights a week. Their older son, Isaiah, 7, used to join Underwood on tour but now stays home to attend school. Jacob, 3, also stays home. 

However, the “Before He Cheats” singer recently revealed during a Today interview that Isaiah is beginning to understand that his mom doesn’t have a typical job.

“He’s becoming more aware that it’s not ‘normal,’” Underwood said, using her fingers to make air quotes around “normal.”

“He’ll go to school, and somebody will be like, ‘I saw your mom on TV last night.’ He’s just becoming more aware that his mom does something that’s not normal.” 

It’s too soon to say whether Isaiah and Jacob will embrace their star-studded heritage or remain behind the scenes. For now, Underwood and her husband protect the children’s identities by posting only occasional photos on social media. Even then, their faces are fully or partially obscured. 

However, no matter how “normal” their lives are, being a country superstar provides advantages for Underwood’s family. In November, the “If I Didn’t Love You” singer posted photos on Instagram of a family outing to NASA in Houston, where Isaiah and Jacob got a behind-the-scenes look at being an astronaut. So although their parents might aim for a typical experience most of the time, the boys enjoy the perks of having famous parents, too. 

The country star is prepping for a Las Vegas residency


Carrie Underwood Doesn’t Think Her Husband Would Be a Fan of Her Music If They Weren’t Married

Carrie Underwood typically takes plenty of time between tours, but 2023 is shaping up to be a busy year for the singer. She’ll complete the second half of her Denim & Rhinestones tour, which followed the album release in early 2022. The album title gave Underwood free reign to adorn her stage outfits with piles and piles of — you guessed it — rhinestones. 

“I just wanted more in my life,” Underwood joked of her dazzling wardrobe. “There’s a lot. There’s a lot going on. The last part is … adding more rhinestones.”

The Today interviewer marveled at a row of clothes on hangers. “I don’t know if you can add any more rhinestones,” she said. Underwood looked at her, clasped her hands, and replied, “You always can.” 

When the tour concludes in March, Underwood will have a few months before she reprises Reflection, her Las Vegas residency that included 18 shows in 2021 and 2022. She sold out all of them — an expectation for her performances later this year. The singer will perform show dates this June through December.

Underwood’s sons will join her when they’re not in school, and she’ll fly back to Nashville to see them otherwise. While on the road, she’ll also spend time with her second family: her fans.

“When I’m on stage,” she told Today, “I feel like I’m at home.”