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Carson Daly is known as The Voice host and Today co-host, and fans of his are used to seeing him regularly on TV. However, fans grew concerned when they noticed Daly missing from Today for several weeks in December 2023. Here’s what he posted about “outgrowing people” amid the conversation in 2024.

‘The Voice’ host and ‘Today’ co-host Carson Daly posted about ‘outgrowing people’ and ‘anxiety

The Voice and Today wouldn’t be the same without host Carson Daly. Daly joined Today as a social media correspondent a decade ago, working his way up to becoming a regular TV host for the PopStart segment. Now, fans are used to seeing him regularly on primetime TV. But he’s had a few unexplained absences more recently, prompting concern from fans.

Today didn’t explain why Daly couldn’t make it for his segments as a host. Daly also didn’t explain. But he did post cryptic Instagram Stories that had fans wondering what it all could mean.

On Jan. 11, 2024, Daly posted text to his Instagram Stories that started with, “It’s OK if you,” and ended with several prompts. The first was, “are not sure what’s next,” the second was, “heal at your own pace,” the third was, “get stuck in your mind for awhile,” the fourth was, “are not where you want to be at yet,” the fifth was, “outgrow people,” and the last was, “are a work in progress.”

He posted another text post after his first. “If you’re having an anxious day … remember that you’ve been here before and you’ve made it through,” the post on his Instagram Stories reads. “You will do it again. You’ll be OK.”

We can’t say whether his Instagram Stories have anything to do with his absences on Today. But fans grow concerned about each unexplained leave.

'Today' co-host Carson Daly outdoors next to Savannah Guthrie
Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie | Debra L Rothenberg/WireImage

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He opened up about his mental health in the past

The Voice and Today host Carson Daly opened up about his mental health in 2018. And he continues the conversation in 2024. In 2018, a segment on Today aired showing NBA player Kevin Love talking about a panic attack he had. Daly admitted to his Today co-workers that he also had panic attacks while working on MTV. He then opened up to the public about his generalized anxiety disorder and the help that cognitive behavioral therapy brought him.

“I just started talking about it without even thinking … it was taboo,” Daly told VeryWell. “I guess I’m a pretty open person when I’m on television or not.” He added that people seemed “thirsty” for more of this candid conversation about mental health.

“I must seem like a childhood friend, like a trusted source, if you will,” he continued. “I think me being so open about such a taboo topic was refreshing for a lot of people, because I think they were like, ‘Well, if that guy from MTV who played all those NSYNC music videos for me in my childhood, if he deals with these mental health things, then I can too.’”

He started hosting “Mind Matters” on Today, giving voices to others who deal with mental health struggles.

We don’t know what the future holds for Daly. But we hope he continues to advocate for mental health awareness and raise voices worldwide.

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