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  • Crunchyroll revealed that Chainsaw Man will stream on its platform in 2022.
  • Crunchyroll also released a short teaser trailer for the anime.
  • There’s still no release date for Chainsaw Man, but one could be announced soon.
Crunchyroll's key art for the 'Chainsaw Man' anime. It contains the logo and main character.
Key art for ‘Chainsaw Man’ | Tatsuki Fujimoto/Shueisha/MAPPA

There’s no shortage of exciting anime coming out during the latter half of 2022, and Crunchyroll just added one more to its lineup. The company announced that the much-anticipated Chainsaw Man will stream on its platform later this year. Those waiting for the anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga series will no doubt be excited about the development. There’s still no release date for Chainsaw Man, but Crunchyroll did announce other details.

Crunchyroll confirmed it will stream ‘Chainsaw Man’

On May 16, Crunchyroll confirmed that it had acquired the streaming rights for Chainsaw Man, the anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s best-selling manga series. The streaming service will simulcast the show later this year, meaning more than 200 countries and territories will have access to it. Subbed and dubbed versions will be available, with the latter covering the following languages: English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and German.

The Chainsaw Man anime hails from MAPPA, the same studio that animated Attack on Titan Season 4 and Jujutsu Kaisen. Ryu Nakayama will serve as director for the series, which Crunchyroll describes as having “dark humor, dynamic characters, and a sharp story.”

A new teaser trailer shows off some of the characters and story, teasing what fans can expect later this year.

Crunchyroll released a teaser trailer for the anime adaptation

In addition to revealing that Chainsaw Man would stream on its platform, Crunchyroll also shared a short teaser trailer for the upcoming series. It doesn’t reveal much about what’s coming, but those familiar with the source material will no doubt recognize the characters and scenes depicted.

And the first look promises a story that’s just as devastating and bloody as the one it’s based on. With Crunchyroll streaming the first season, this anime is bound to attract longtime fans and newcomers alike. Sadly, there’s no word on when it comes. However, with a 2022 release date confirmed, Chainsaw Man has to arrive sometime over the next seven months.

When is ‘Chainsaw Man’ coming out? There’s still no release date, but we could get one soon


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Although Crunchyroll didn’t announce an official release date for Chainsaw Man, it’s likely to get one sooner rather than later. With the anime coming out this year, there are only six months left for it to premiere — meaning a more concrete date should be on the horizon.

Many believed the series would arrive this summer, but it’s possible it could join the fall season’s impressive lineup. If Chainsaw Man joined My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, and Bleach in coming out this fall, it truly would be something special. Only time will tell if that’s what happens.

Stay tuned for more details about the series and its release date as the latter half of the year approaches.

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