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NBC’s One Chicago fans were introduced to a new face in the firehouse in the Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere. Sam Carver, played by Jake Lockett, is the cocky new truck member who knows Stella Kidd from his past. And fans may recognize Lockett from his other roles. Here’s where fans may have seen him before.

Who is Sam Carver in ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11?

Sam Carver and Mouch attending to an emergency in 'Chicago Fire' Season 11 Episode 2
Jake Lockett as Sam Carver, Christian Stolte as Mouch | Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

The Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere introduced Jack Lockett’s Sam Carver to the team. Chief Boden seemed excited to bring Carver to the truck to replace Mason Locke. Unfortunately, Stella Kidd wasn’t too happy with Boden’s choice. She recognized Carver from her time at the academy, and they didn’t get along.

“With all due respect, he’s not 51 material,” Kidd said of Carver.

Further into the premiere, Kidd and Carver have a tense conversation about Kidd’s position as a lieutenant. Carver seems to insinuate that Kidd only got her position because she’s a woman of color, which rubbed her the wrong way. This tension extended into the episode’s rescue mission. Instead of allowing Carver to assist with rescuing victims at the wedding fire, she had him perform the lesser job of dismantling the power. This displeased Boden greatly, though Kidd pushed back.

Additionally, the premiere focused on the scar on Carver’s arm. “We know what it is. We’re gonna get into that,” co-showrunner Andrea Newman told NBC Insider.

Where fans have seen Sam Carver actor Jake Lockett before

While Sam Carver actor Jake Lockett is new to Chicago Fire Season 11, he’s not new to the entertainment industry. So, where have fans seen him before?

According to IMDb, Lockett’s taken on prominent guest-starring roles in several notable TV shows. He guest-starred in Masters of Sex in 2016, NCIS: Los Angeles in 2015, Community in 2015, Scorpion in 2015, Brooklyn Nine-Nine in 2014, and Hawaii Five-0 in 2013. He’s had more recent roles in Maggie (2022), The Big Leap (2021), and Fam (2019).

From 2012 to 2013, Lockett had a prominent role in the TV series, In Reverie. He played Jack Parker.

The actor is starring in two upcoming films currently in post-production as well. He’s playing Garrett Graham in Gingersnap Christmas and Nova Redcloud in The Alpha System.

Stella Kidd will continue to be affected by the newcomer in season 11


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Stella Kidd and Sam Carver’s brief conflict in the Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere is far from over. Co-showrunner Derek Haas explained more to NBC Insider. “What’s not a mystery is he’s a great firefighter, which is valuable to any rig in our group,” he noted. “But it’s all the stuff that goes beyond that. How you behave out of the firehouse, off-shift, who you hang out with, some of the darker places you end up in. All of this will be affecting Stella.”  

The episode 2 promo shows Carver and Kidd attending to an emergency situation together, and it looks like Carver bites off more than he can chew. In the promo, Kidd yells to Carver as he struggles to help the emergency victims. This situation will either bring them together or cause a further divide.

Chicago Fire Season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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