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Agents of SHIELD may have ended, but that doesn’t mean that its fans have given up hope on a few characters showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While the show is technically a part of the MCU, it’s always been a one-way relationship, as the MCU movies rarely if ever reference the show at all.

That may change in the near future, as Marvel is gearing up for the next phases of the MCU. There are many characters from the show that could show up in the MCU, but one of them is a real standout. That character is Daisy Johnson, who’s played by Chloe Bennet, and many Marvel fans are convinced that she can have a role in the movies to come.

Chloe Bennet answers questions at Comic Con
Chloe Bennet speaks at Comic Con | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

A quick overview of Daisy Johnson

As one of the main cast members of the show, Daisy has been through a lot to say the least. As Marvel fans on Reddit summarized, Daisy’s had multiple aliases throughout the show, and those aliases reflect the different abilities that she possessed.

At the beginning of the show, she was a skilled hacker who got recruited into SHIELD. There, she was trained to be a spy, and not long after, she began to master her superpowers. 

Her superhero alias was Quake, and her powers came from the fact that her mother was an Inhuman. Like her superhero named implied, her powers allowed her to manipulate vibrations which could end up creating earthquakes. Her superpowers also allowed her to do other things, but they all revolve around manipulating vibrations in different ways. 

Why Marvel fans want Chloe Bennet to be in an MCU movie

Like Marvel fans on Reddit talked about, Marvel hasn’t handled women well. It took 10 years for Marvel to do a solo movie starring a woman, while Agents of SHIELD has been happily casting many women in main roles, with Bennet being one of them.

As a result, many Marvel fans think that Bennet has earned a bigger role in the MCU, as has the other women in Agents of SHIELD

Plus, due to her diverse skill set, Daisy can naturally be a part of almost any storyline that Marvel chooses to explore in the future. As a result, Daisy could return to the MCU without much hassle as she’s not dead and her powers and abilities could be quite useful for many different situations.

On top of that, during the finale of Agents of SHIELD, her story ends with her going out to explore the universe on a spaceship with a few of her friends. Marvel is clearly doing a lot of stuff set in space, so it would make sense for Daisy to run into the Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor or the like. 

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However, the future is even brighter for Bennet’s fans, as Marvel has announced two projects that are extremely related to Daisy as a character.

Recently, Marvel officially announced that Ms. Marvel will be a show on Disney+, as will a show called Secret Invasion. Off the bat, in the comics, Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman, just like Daisy is, so it’s entirely possible for Bennet to have a quick cameo or even a major role in that show.

Furthermore, when Marvel announced the Secret Invasion show, it also announced that Nick Fury and Talos from Captain Marvel will be starring in it. This implied that a successor organization to SHIELD, which many fans think will be called SWORD, will be revealed during that show. As a result, it would make sense that many agents from SHIELD will end up being a part of SWORD, and so, Bennet could return for that, too.