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Christina Ricci is no stranger to the entertainment industry. The talented actor literally grew up on movie sets. As a child actor, she starred in films like Casper and The Addams Family as Wednesday Addams. Her latest project, Yellowjackets, has earned her Emmy buzz. Because of her extensive resume, Ricci has a number of interesting experiences in Hollywood. One of them even involved her staying naked on the set of a movie even when she was between takes.

TV and movie star Christina Ricci at the 'Yellowjackets' premiere
Christina Ricci | David Livingston/Getty Images

Christina Ricci once stayed naked while shooting a movie

Ricci’s work has occasionally included sex scenes and nudity. One movie, in particular, had Ricci doing a number of nude scenes. While the Sleepy Hollow alum seemed to be OK with her nakedness, she took issue with the way people on set reacted to her when she wasn’t clothed. To combat these reactions, Ricci took matters into her own hands. She opted to remain naked even after the director called cut. In an interview with Variety, Ricci spoke with fellow actor, Sydney Sweeney about this choice.

“Once I had to do a movie where I was naked pretty much the entire time,” Ricci recalled. “The thing that made me more uncomfortable was other people being uncomfortable with me being naked. So what I did, and you probably wouldn’t be allowed to do this now — I just stayed naked. I was like, ‘Don’t make me feel weird, like I’m the person who has to be ashamed.’ I would talk to crew members naked.”

The ‘Yellowjackets’ star revealed that staying nude was helpful

Continuing on, Ricci informed the Euphoria star that her plan actually worked. Eventually, people working on the movie got used to her nudity. “I wanted everybody around me to stop reacting to it, because then I would forget that I was naked,” the Monster alum explained. “And it worked. But it’s one of the only times I’ve ever actually really felt comfortable being naked on camera.”


Sydney Sweeney Wondered if She’d Done Too Much Nudity After Watching 1 of Her Projects

Sweeney was quick to comment that Ricci’s choice was a bit of a power move and the long-time actor agreed. “Throw my five-foot-one stature around here,” she shared. “You’re going to have to look at my boobs. Sorry!”

Ricci admits that she’s never liked sex scenes

For her part, Ricci recognized that she likely wouldn’t be able to stay naked on a movie set in today’s time. With the rise of intimacy coordinators, things in Hollywood are changing slowly. However, it seems that Ricci’s at the place in her career where her work doesn’t involve a ton of sex scenes. For that, the veteran actor seems to be grateful.

“I haven’t done a sex scene in a couple years,” Ricci admits. “I’m at that age where they don’t ask you to do them so much anymore. I mean, I don’t really enjoy them.”