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ABC’s Claim to Fame Season 2 is here, and viewers can’t wait to see how each contestant is related to a celebrity. The competition series follows 12 competitors as they attempt to keep their identities secret from the other cast members. Once it’s revealed how each contestant is related to a celebrity, they’re out. So, how is each cast member related to a celebrity this season? Here are Claim to Fame Season 2 spoilers.

[Spoler alert: Claim to Fame Season 2 spoilers ahead.]

‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2 spoilers: Every cast member’s celebrity relative

Claim to Fame Season 2 brings 12 new cast members with celebrity relatives to the competition — and each competitor has a chance to win $100,000. Every competitor has to find out how the other competitors are related to celebrities without revealing their own identity.

So, how does the show work? Each individual episode features a competition for the cast members to compete in. The winner of the weekly challenge receives immunity and a bonus clue regarding the identity of another competitor. The two lowest-ranked cast members are in trouble by the end of the episode, as the rest of the cast votes on which one of the two low-ranking competitors must become the guesser. The guesser guesses the identity of one of the cast members who doesn’t have immunity. If the guesser has a correct guess, the cast member they guessed heads home. But if they’re wrong, the guesser heads home.

So, who are the celebrity relatives? Here are Claim to Fame Season 2 spoilers:

Carly: Tom Hanks’ niece

Carly was sent packing in episode 1. Her clues revolved around having a relative known for his Oscar-winning acting abilities.

Chris Osmond: Donny Osmond’s son

Chris noted he’s related to a singer who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Cole Cook: Alicia Keys’ brother

Cole claimed his father exists as a famous relative, which might not be a lie. But truthfully, his sister likely has more fame.

Gabriel Cannon: Nick Cannon’s brother

Gabriel noted his brother won the NAACP Image Award. He also said he doesn’t look like his brother.

Jada Andersen/Jada Star: Dolly Parton’s niece

During “two truths and a lie,” Jane stated that her father once won a Grammy. Early on in the competition, no one suspects she has relations to Dolly Parton.

J.R./Robert Stafford Jr./Robert Sleepy: Lil Nas X’s brother

J.R. told the competition he has a famous brother.

Karsyn Elledge: Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s niece.

Karsyn is another famous niece this season. She lied when she told the group she’s related to a male musician.

Monay/Jerrica Brooks:  J.B. Smoove’s daughter

Monay claimed her father was skilled in both athletics and in acting, but she didn’t tell the group the whole truth during “two truths and a lie.”

Olivia Aquilina: Jenny McCarthy’s niece

Olivia gave the rest of the competitors that she’s related to someone who won a Razzie Award, which proved true. McCarthy has Razzies for Worst Actress, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Picture categories for Dirty Love.

Hugo and Carly standing across from each other outside in 'Claim to Fame' Season 2
‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2 | ABC/John Fleenor

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Hugo James Wentzel: Jimmy Carter’s grandson

The cast likely didn’t anticipate having someone with presidential ties in the house. Hugo claimed his grandfather was once “the most powerful man in the world.”

Shayne Audra Murphy: Eddie Murphy’s daughter

Bonus clues gave Shayne away early. The clues continued symbols for a crown, coin, traveling, the U.S., and a deer with antlers and wheat.

Travis Tyson: Neil deGrasse Tyson’s son

Travis tried to throw the group off by stating his father acts for a living, which isn’t the case.

Co-hosts Kevin and Franklin Jonas said some of the cast members are ‘really good detectives’

With the Claim to Fame Season 2 spoilers available, fans get to see the cast’s skills when it comes to sifting through (sometimes false) information. Hosts Kevin and Franklin Jonas told ABC 7 NY that some of the cast members found the right track early on.

“We got to bring in some new challenges, some really big names, the location, but the drama does really increase in season 2,” Franklin said. He also added that the best contestants “keep their mouth shut and don’t give away their secrets.”

“They came in thinking they could really put the mask on, hide their identities in a really big way,” Kevin added. “But I’ll be honest, some of these contestants are really good detectives right away, but we were in the dark the entire time as usual.”

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Claim to Fame Season 2 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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