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When Cobra Kai began, the young cast were all new karate students. By Cobra Kai Season 5, they’re already teaching karate to even younger kids. Cobra Kai star Jacob Bertrand said he’d love for his character, Eli Moskowitz aka Hawk, to mentor someone. That might have to wait for Cobra Kai Season 6 though. 

'Cobra Kai': Jacob Bertrand raises the trophy when Eli/Hawk wins the tournament
L to R: Jacob Bertrand, Mary Mouser, Gianni DeCenzo, Ralph Macchio, Khalil Everage | Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

Showbiz Cheat Sheet attended roundtable interviews with the cast of Cobra Kai on Aug. 26. During his group, Bertrand expressed his desire to pass something along to the next generation. Cobra Kai Season 5 premieres Sept. 9 on Netflix, and we’ll have more with the cast and creators here on Showbiz Cheat Sheet. 

Jacob Bertrand wants Hawk to set Anthony Larusso straight 

When asked about his hopes for his character, Bertrand chose mentorship. He even picked out another Cobra Kai cast member he could mentor. 

“I don’t know, I would love in the coming seasons for him to come to more like a mentorship role,” Bertrand said. “I think that would be really fun to have a mentorship role with Griffin or something, Anthony LaRusso.”

Season 4 beefed up Anthony (Griffin Santopietro)’s role as he began bullying Kenny (Dallas Dupree Young). Dallas got revenge by joining Cobra Kai and now he’s way stronger than Anthony. For his part, Santopietro enjoys the Cobra Kai Season 5 storyline where Anthony gets his just deserts. But perhaps he could seek a mentor within Miyagi-Do next season.

Bertrand had no time to mentor in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

Having wrapped Cobra Kai Season 5, Bertrand was already looking ahead. The season 5 storyline did not allow for Hawk to take Anthony, or anyone else, under his wing. This season, Hawk is busy learning new lessons from Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) and helping Daniel (Ralph Macchio) stop Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith).

“I think … season 4 was a huge period of growth for Hawk,” Bertrand said. “So season 5, I think he definitely has a good head on his shoulders. He’s really trying to embody the Miyagi-Do teachings. I think in a way he kind of gets overconfident in winning the All-Valley and all that stuff and gets caught up in it.”

At least Hawk still has friends on ‘Cobra Kai’

One important friendship for Hawk is Demetri (Gianni DeCenzo). They had a falling out when Hawk joined Cobra Kai and turned on Eli. Since the season 3 finale, they’ve reunited and Betrand thinks that friendship continues to be important in Cobra Kai Season 5.


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“I think Demetri really grounds [Hawk],” Bertrand said. “I think Eli has a lot of insecurities and a lot of demons. Demetri just sees him for who he is and loves him anyway.”

For his part, DiCenzo remembers the bullying seasons.

“When Hawk isn’t pushing Demetri to the ground, Demitri grounds Hawk,” DiCenzo joked. “I would say they’re stronger than ever. They, like other friendships out there, have had their ups and downs. Ours might have been a little bit more violent than most others. Yeah, binary brothers man.”