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The Duggar family never has a lull in their announcements. While several Duggar grandchildren are waiting to be born, fans are desperate to see a new courtship announced. One of the best parts of watching the Duggar kids court (aside from the awkward side-hugs) is seeing the engagement rings that are picked out. Rumors are swirling that Jason Duggar is currently courting, so maybe a new engagement ring will be seen sooner rather than later, but for now, let’s focus on how much the exiting jewelry cost.

How much did all of the engagement rings cost?

According to The Knot, the average engagement ring costs $5,600. While there have long been “rules” associated with buying an engagement ring, most people have thrown outdated rules, and stick to picking a ring that speaks to them. Several of the Duggar engagements have been committed to film, and so has the ring shopping. While we don’t know the exact price tag attached to each ring, we can make an educated guess.

Derick Dillard showed up to White’s jeweler with a loose diamond in hand. Apparently, the controversial husband of Jill picked up the diamond in Israel and just needed to have it set. The diamond is .63 carats and is set in a white gold band. The entire setup is classic and simplistic, so it’s likely he paid around $1500 for the whole thing.

Jinger’s ring came from the same shop and was picked out by Jeremy Vuolo. He did pick a cathedral setting, which apparently was Jinger’s preference. The diamond is rumored to be .75 carats. Rings like this can range in price from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the diamond.

Jessa’s engagement ring was custom designed. Ben Seewald spent the time coming up with his own sketch so his bride’s ring would be truly unique. A .75 carat diamond is set in an interlocking band. He also designed a wedding band to go with it, according to a Tumblr user. The cost of the ring is unknown, but a custom ring can be more costly than a display option.

Does TLC pick up the cost, or are the Duggars getting a kickback?

Since Jim Bob and his sons and sons-in-law all seem to utilize the same jeweler for their engagement rings, Reddit fans have theorized that the cast of the hit reality TV show might be getting the rings for free, thanks to TLC. The production company may be picking up the cost to be able to film the scenes involving picking out a ring.

Dillard, however, has claimed the production company refused to pay his son’s medical bills and he also alleged he and his family were “volunteers” on the set of the show. If Dillard is to be believed (his trustworthiness is dubious, though), it’s unlikely that the show is picking up the cost of the rings.

The jeweler, however, might be offering the Duggar family a steep discount on their rings for the free advertising associated with appearing on the show. During an episode of Counting On centered around Jeremy picking out Jinger’s engagement ring, Ben name-dropped the name of the store several times. The name of the shop can also be seen in the background of several shots.

If the Duggar family cut a deal with the jeweler, they may be getting the rings at cost, at the very least. Meaning, each of the Duggar boys are walking away with a steeply discounted ring. The same is likely true for the men marrying into the family.

The rings have gotten more airtime over the years

The first couple to walk down the aisle were Joshua and Anna Duggar. While the pair have weathered more scandals than anyone else in the family, their budding relationship also was greeted with the least amount of fanfare. Anna’s ring is rarely shown, but it appears o be a simple solitaire in a gold band.  The couple married before the Duggar family reached their current level of fame; although their wedding aired on 19 Kids and Counting.

Jill’s ring is also somewhat simplistic. She was the second Duggar to walk down the aisle. From there, the rings appear to get a bit more complicated and ostentatious. Kendra Caldwell, who married Joseph Duggar in September of 2017, was gifted with a more complicated ring that includes a diamond-studded band.

Joy-Anna Duggar, who married Austin Forsyth in May 2017, was also presented with a complicated engagement ring, that included side stones. It is not known where Forsyth procured his ring. It appears he sidestepped the growing tradition of would-be grooms picking out the engagement ring with the Duggar family patriarch.