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Say what you want about the Duggars, but one thing they mostly have in common is they rarely divorce. This could be due to a variety of factors—maybe they’re just staying in unhappy marriages. Or, they might know something about marriage that others don’t.

Michelle Duggar has made infamous quotes about how she’s always available to “meet the physical need of love” that her husband has. Anyone can make Jim Bob a sandwich, but only she can fulfill his sexual needs, so she always makes herself available. That’s probably why she has 19 children.

Obviously, Jill Duggar was paying attention to her mother’s marriage advice, because she just admitted that she uses a similar tactic to keep her marriage strong.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard | Jill Dillard via Instagram

Jill Dillard just posted marriage advice on her blog

Interestingly, the latest post on Jill Dillard’s blog is called “More Than Sex: How To Love Your Husband” yet it advises the exact opposite of that. Along with some other biblically inspired tidbits of advice, Jill recommends showing love by having sex more often to keep marriages strong.

How often? Well, Jill says “3-4 times a week is a good start. Lol,” in the post. And for people who cannot have sex for emotional or physical reasons, Jill recommends seeing a doctor or licensed counselor to address those issues that would be a hindrance. In the Dillard household, abstinence is not an option.

Does Jill Dillard have a good marriage?

So should everyone be listening to Jill’s marriage advice? She assures readers on her blog that, “nearly five years later, I can happily say that we [Jill and Derick] are still very much in love.”

Fans have been questioning whether the Dillard’s were heading for divorce for years, but they keep insisting that everything is great. The rumors of turmoil stem from all the controversial comments Derick Dillard made, which were bad enough to get him fired from the show Counting On. But so far the drama hasn’t affected their marriage, at least not publicly.

What other marriage advice did Jill have?

Having more sex wasn’t the only advice Jill had for fans. She also recommends “looking nice for him” and “going to bed fresh,” which might include showering before bed which “lets him know you’re up for fun whenever he is.” You know, like bedroom fun.

Other tidbits of advice include avoiding gossiping or name-calling, which might explain why Jill has never spoken against her husband and the tweets that got the couple kicked off the show. Even if she didn’t agree with what he said (which she may or may not have), it sounds like Jill wouldn’t speak ill of her husband anyway.

Jill Duggar also advocates for weekend getaways, fancy lingerie, date nights, and the old standby, communication. Some of her advice is totally standard and couldn’t hurt any type of relationship. Still, fans will be intrigued by how often she’s having sex with two kids at home—how exactly does she find the time for it?