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Jana Duggar has defied her role as a Duggar woman. The Counting On star recently revealed that she plans to start her own home decor business and hopes to one day have a brick and mortar store. But it’s unlike Duggar women to run their own business, and now her parents have opened up about how they feel about their oldest daughter taking this step.

Jana Duggar and Michelle Duggar
Jana Duggar and Michelle Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

Jana Duggar revealed she’s planning to start her own business

During a recent episode of Counting On, Jana Duggar’s brother, John revealed that his twin sister was looking to start her own business. The Duggar family is full of entrepreneurs, and Jana is now taking steps to make her own money as well. Jana and John took a woodworking class while on a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee, and Jana went into detail about what type of business she plans to launch.

“It’s still in the beginning stages,” Jana said. “I’m hoping to sell different things for the home.” She referred to the “home” sign she was creating during the woodworking class as one of the items she’d like to stock. “Probably adding different gardening things, tools and stuff… Still brainstorming on it.” Jana later said that she’s starting the business online at first to limit overhead, but depending on how it goes, she might eventually open a brick and mortar store.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle compared Jana to their sons  

None of the Duggar women have ever launched their own businesses. Many of them have taken courses in hobbies of interest, such as Jill Duggar’s midwifery certification or Jinger Duggar’s photography hobby. But as far as making money goes, that’s new territory for the Duggar women, whose parents have always encouraged their kids to have traditional families where the husband makes the money and the wife cares for the home and children.

Still, Michelle and Jim Bob seem supportive of Jana’s interest in branching out. “Some of the boys have bought and sold cars, they’ve bought and sold houses,” Jim Bob said, comparing Jana to her brothers. Michelle added, “She probably is the first girl, daughter, that’s really ventured out to do a business like that.” Though it strays from the typical Duggar lifestyle, her parents seem excited for her to take this new journey.


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Jana Duggar has never followed the same path as her sisters

For years, Jana has been straying from family tradition. Though she remains at home and follows general rules put in place by Michelle and Jim Bob (dress codes, no dancing, etc.), she seems to be making it clear that she’s not following the traditional path that her sisters have followed. All of the of-age Duggar daughters were married by their early twenties; Jana has chosen to remain single and explore different things in life rather than settle down with a husband in Arkansas from the moment she was old enough to court.

Now, Jana is taking it upon herself to do something other than raise children, and though she said that she someday hopes to get married, she noted that she’s content with being able to have some independence and take life in her own direction.