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Plenty of celebrity stories have proven themselves worthy of the big screen, and musicians have often provided us with tales that make excellent biopic material

Walk the Line brought Johnny Cash’s story to film — and earned Reese Witherspoon an Oscar for her portrayal of June Carter. Portraying Selena Quintanilla in Selena was a breakthrough role for Jennifer Lopez.

Time and again, we’ve seen the stories of musicians and their rise to success make for epic dramatic films, and DaBaby is a rapper who just might have a story that will someday join the list. If DaBaby’s tale does get biopic treatment, he knows exactly which A-lister should portray him. 

DaBaby has a distinct brand and sense of self 

DaBaby has burst onto the hip hop scene in the last couple of years and quickly skyrocketed to the top of the game. His debut studio album — Baby on Baby — dropped in 2019, and the single “Suge” was a massive hit that climbed into the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100.

The rapper stunned the industry and delighted fans when he released a second studio album in the same year. Kirk reached the top spot on the Billboard top 200 albums chart, and that left little doubt that DaBaby’s star was on the rise. 

DaBaby followed up his prolific production rate with yet another album. Blame in on Baby was a surprise release that dropped in September 2020. Since then, DaBaby has been well on his way to becoming a household name.

DaBaby attends the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.
DaBaby | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

While some critics have accused the rapper of relying on the same flow for his tracks, DaBaby hit back with an explanation: “At the end of the day, I understand what’s going on. You gotta milk the game. You gotta take advantage of it. If I switch it too quick, you ain’t gon’ like it.” He went on to explain, “When you got something going, you would be a fool to step on your own toes and go left with it.”

With that, the rapper showed that he was not only talented at music but also at understanding marketing and how to brand himself. His self-awareness and signature style has caught attention in all the right places — including from Megan Thee Stallion

DaBaby stands out as humble and hardworking

It’s clear that DaBaby is going to be more than a blip in the massive world of hip hop entertainment. As Rolling Stone puts it, “he’s a marketing genius, a music video savant and, surprisingly, humble.”

Those are unique qualities with staying power, and they’re enhanced by the fact that DaBaby has a story worth hearing. At 27, the North Carolina-born rapper has spent a little more time building up to this breakthrough moment than some of his peers in the industry. 

Being from North Carolina has put DaBaby into immediate comparison with J. Cole, who also hails from the Tar Heel State. DaBaby makes it clear that they’re from different backgrounds, however, and he points out that they grew up in different cities. DaBaby has stayed close to his roots . . . literally. He still lives in North Carolina and has been driving the neighbors of his mansion a little crazy with his wild parties. 

This Hollywood A-lister would be DaBaby’s biopic choice

DaBaby Has Spent a Crazy Amount of Money on His Music Videos

DaBaby’s skills, attitude, and marketing abilities have put him on the map, and we’re likely to be hearing from the rapper for a long time. In the interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper was asked to look two decades into the future and consider who might play him in a biopic. 

DaBaby was ready with an answer: “We’d call the movie, Baby Jesus. I don’t know who would direct it. We might need Denzel [Washington] to play me. Might need Denzel to go back in a time machine.” Washington, who is already 65, probably wouldn’t be the best pick to play a young up-and-coming rapper twenty years from now, but he certainly has the acting chops to back up such a role. He’s even had biopic experience as he had the starring role in Spike Lee’s Malcolm X