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Aside from Toni Braxton’s sultry voice, the Braxton Family Values star has given the media much to gossip about. In addition to her filing for bankruptcy twice, the singer’s love life has also been interesting. She’s currently engaged to rapper Birdman, which stunned fans. The beauty maven also turned heads when she posed for photos with Dennis Rodman in the late ‘90s. Rodman recently cleared up rumors about their relationship. 

Dennis Rodman and Toni Braxton eat at pizza restaurant; Rodman cleared up their romance
Dennis Rodman | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

Dennis Rodman says Toni Braxton told him he wasn’t trustworthy

Rodman is currently starring in the VH1 reboot of The Surreal Life. The NBA champion lived in a home with other celebrities for several weeks and participated in several growth exercises as part of the social experiment. One of his housemates is singer Tamar Braxton, the youngest sister of the Braxton clan.

Source: YouTube

In Ep. 1, Rodman is the first to arrive in the house, with Tamar following. He didn’t remember her, but she remembered him, asking him, “Didn’t y’all used to date or something?… I thought we met before, I thought you’d dated my sister.” Rodman played it coy. 

He said in his confessional of their brief time together: “A lot of women really wanted to have sex with me just because they were so intrigued by who I am. I’ve dated Madonna, Carmen Elektra, and Cindi Crawford – but Toni Braxton, we went on a couple of dates, and I just asked her, I said, ‘You wanna hook up? You wanna get together?’ She said, ‘I don’t know if I can trust you.’ I said, ‘Damn.’”

Photos of Dennis Rodman and Toni Braxton appeared in ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’

ESPN aired a 10-part docuseries about The Chicago Bulls’ winning streak and highlighted Rodman’s headline-making antics regarding his clothing and eccentric behavior, and of course, him dating some of the most beautiful starlets in Hollywood. 

He attended the 1997 Academy Awards ceremony with actress, Vivica A. Fox. The two never confirmed their relationship but were rumored to have dated for a few months. He also hung out with the “Material Girl,” with who he shot a VIBE Magazine cover in June 1994, but the cover never made it to newsstands.

Source: YouTube

Toni Braxton Once Dated This Football Player

But one person that was mentioned in the documentary that was a surprise to many was Toni. Viewers were treated to a few photos of the two featured in the third episode of the series, which was followed up with speculation on whether or not they dated on social media. 

“Dennis Rodman dated Madonna, Carmen Electra, Vivica A. Fox & Toni Braxton n I’m starting to question if MJ is even the GOAT anymore,” wrote one on Twitter

Braxton also denied she dated Dennis Rodman 

Though Rodman and her sister hinted at them going out on a few dates, the “Unbreak My Heart” singer says otherwise. After The Last Dance aired to much fanfare and questions regarding their time together, Toni tweeted: “Even though @dennisrodman was kinda hot in the 90s, I never dated Dennis Rodman. We were at the VMAs.”

She may not have dated Rodman, but she did date another famous athlete. The singer was once engaged to former NFL star, Curtis Martin. They met through Braxton’s security guard, and she was drawn to him because of their shared religious upbringing.

Martin was rumored to be romantic, showering Toni with gifts. But according to Toni, he broke up with her at her most vulnerable time. She told Newsweek in a 2000 interview, “My boyfriend [Curtis Martin] left me in the middle of the bankruptcy. I think it was just too much for him,” she said. “I’m sure it changed my personality–I was definitely going through my angry young black woman period.”