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The last time Sex and the City fans saw the characters was in the second movie. Now they’re back in And Just Like That and fans noticed something different with Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) apartment.

Carrie’s apartment got a makeover in the ‘Sex and the City’ movies

The first movie showed Carrie preparing for married life with Big (Chris Noth). She did that by still mostly being in her original apartment. But this time, the apartment had beautiful turquoise walls instead of the plain white ones she had on the show.

In the second movie, Carrie found a new apartment with Big that better suited them. However, they kept her original apartment, and she did go there to write in peace. It still had the turquoise walls.

In And Just Like That… Carrie started out living in that new apartment. But after Big died, she decided to move back into her original brownstone. The walls in the walkway almost look pink, and she has blue floral wallpaper in her living room. The rest of the apartment looks like it’s in the original white, and fans noticed.

‘And Just Like That…’ fans noticed Carrie’s apartment changed

Fans reacted to the episode “Tragically Hip” on Reddit. They noticed how different Carrie’s apartment looked and had something to say about it.

“So the apartment makeover from the movie never happened!?” one person asked.

“Not to mention the apartment is now like twice the size it originally was,” another fan claimed.

“I noticed that too. It was the original apt. No makeover from 1st movie,” a third fan wrote.

“I don’t remember the floral wallpaper from the movie or the show,” a fourth person wrote.

From the beginning of the episode, it looked like the apartment hadn’t been attended to with stains on the ceiling. So it’s unclear if Carrie ever rented it out to someone else or if she decided to make a few changes over time. But some fans are wondering if it’s a plot hole that the apartment looks nothing like it did the last time they saw it.

Some fans hated the apartment’s makeover

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in 'And Just Like That...' stands in her closet.
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in ‘And Just Like That…’ | HBO Max

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Not everyone was a fan of the change in the movies. Some fans are happy to see the blue walls are gone.

“I noticed that as well – and am glad they got rid of that hideous blue they used in the makeover,” one fan wrote.

“That makeover was horrible TBH. It was a bad idea. They basically just threw money at everything,” another fan agreed.

It looks like one of the few constants in the world of Sex and the City is Carrie’s apartment. But it goes through a few evolutions with time.