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Everybody is familiar with Beyoncé and her contributions to the world of music. She has performed for years and even entertained us with her amazing performance at a Super Bowl Halftime Show.

When it comes to singing and dancing, it seems like there is nothing that Beyoncé can’t do! Being able to perform as she does takes quite a bit of discipline. It’s not every day that a star like that is born. She had to learn it all somewhere, so the main question on the minds of many people is, did Beyoncé go to college?

Beyoncé did not actually attend college

While Beyoncé did not actually attend college, that doesn’t mean that she did not have quite the impressive education. The first school that she ever attended was Saint Mary’s Elementary School in the state of Texas.

There, the aspiring performer realized that she had a passion for music and the arts. She began taking dance classes and working on the skills that would eventually lead her to superstardom.

Her days at a new school

Eventually, Beyoncé transferred to a new elementary school, this time enrolling at Parker Elementary School.

This was a place where she could truly concentrate on her musical talents, and that is exactly what she did. She emerged as a rising star, and everyone who met her knew that there was something spectacular in the making. 

Time for high school

A teenage Beyoncé attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts located in Houston, Texas, where she continued to work on her musical skills. She spent her days singing, dancing, and performing, bringing amazement to all those who saw her.

Eventually, she transferred schools again, this time enrolling in Alief Elsik High School, the final institution that she attended.

Becoming a part of Destiny’s Child

It was soon after high school that Beyoncé became part of the successful group, Destiny’s Child. She recorded two albums that were very well-received by fans, and her songs were topping the charts. Everyone knew that Beyoncé was truly gifted when it came to music, and everyone was more than impressed at what she had to offer.

It was with this musical group that Beyoncé recorded songs such as “Bug a Boo” and “Survivor,” which quickly became, and still are, fan favorites to this day!

An independent career

Beyoncé Knowles | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Parkwood Entertainment

In 2003, Beyoncé released her first solo album, and it did not disappoint. She went on to win an unbelievable five Grammy awards and then released her second album.

By that point, the group Destiny’s Child had split up, and Beyoncé was able to continue her successful career as a solo artist. She went on to release many more albums, several of which debuted at number one on the charts. What an amazing journey for Beyoncé to embark on, and a great way to showcase her talents as a performer. 

Not just music

Although the world of music is where Beyoncé’s main talents like, she certainly does not stop there! In addition to being one of the greatest performers of our time, the superstar has dabbled in acting, modeling, and the world of fashion.

She has influenced countless people through her strength and her endeavors and has more than proved that she has serious staying power.

As we can see, even without a formal college education, Beyoncé was more than able to pursue her dreams. She is one artist that is definitely unstoppable, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Married to Jay-Z, and the mother of three beautiful children, she is an example of what it means to live your dreams!