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When Taylor Swift was just a freshman in high school, she was writing and recording songs for her first country album. In 2006, when she was 16 years old, she released that first album. That album instantly revolutionized the way people viewed country music.

Since that time, she has gone from being a country singer to a pop singer. While selling over 31 million albums during her career. She has proven that no matter what genre she is a part of, people just can’t seem to get enough of her angelic voice.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Recently, Taylor let her Instagram followers know that she was about to release a new album, entitled, Lover. She also released her new single, “You Need to Calm Down”Almost at the exact same time that Taylor had made her announcement, Instagram suddenly crashed. Was that just a crazy coincidence or did Taylor Swift’s extreme awesomeness just break Instagram?

The Instagram crash

On Thursday, June 13, Instagram was out of order for about an hour. This caused a global freak out amongst many social media addicts and soon Facebook and Twitter were bombarded with several complaints, questions, funny memes about Instagram’s sudden outage.

The photo-sharing website was quickly on the case, however, and shortly after the site had crashed, Instagram went onto their Twitter page to try to calm fans down. “We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing their Instagram accounts. We’re working quickly to fix the issue,” Instagram had said in a statement on Twitter.

Although Instagram did do a pretty good job at getting the site back up and running properly in a relatively short amount of time, the fact that the website was down at all was enough to drive many fans of the site crazy.

Instagram was not the only site that had experienced technical difficulties that day. PlayStation users also found that they were unable to log into their accounts on Thursday afternoon as well. It took the Sony corporation a little longer to get their systems up and running, but after a few hours, die-hard gamers was confirming that they were able to access the PlayStation network again.

We are not sure if the two websites were connected in any way, but if you were to ask Taylor Swift fans, they would probably say no.

Did Taylor Swift break Instagram?

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While many people were confused about Instagram’s sudden crash, it didn’t take Taylor Swift fans long to make a connection. Many were stating that the fact that Taylor was live streaming her big announcement at the same time that Instagram crashed, that it was obviously because Instagram was not equipped to handle the mighty power of Taylor Swift.

One Taylor Swift fan wrote, “Uh oh Taylor Swift broke Instagram. That’s how powerful she is. So don’t mess. Haha Love you, T #lover #Instagramdown.”

Another fan commented on the issue by saying “Taylor Swift L=literally broke Instagram. HER POWER.”

What does Taylor have to say on the subject?

On Tumblr, the conversation about how Taylor Swift had broken Instagram was running rampant. It seemed like everyone, even Lindsay Lohan, thought that Taylor’s announcement was too much for Instagram to handle. However, it didn’t take long for Taylor Swift to catch wind of the rumors and chime in. It was obvious that she wasn’t pointing the finger at herself.  “I didn’t break the Instagram,” she said in response. “Y’all broke Instagram.”

So, could it be that there were too many fans tuning in to see Taylor’s live stream that it actually made the website crash? Possibly, but if so, that would still leave Taylor at the center of it all.

Even Taylor’s own publicist was quick to point the finger at her when she tweeted: “When you’re pretty sure your boss broke Instagram,” followed by two smiley face emojis. While we can’t know for sure if Swift was the reason for the Instagram outage, it certainly looks like the star’s popularity may have contributed.