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They’re the boy band behind songs like “Love Bug,” “Hold On,” and “When You Look Me in the Eyes.” The Jonas Brothers also appeared in several movies and television shows created by Disney Channel. That includes the original series, Jonas.

Here’s what we know about the Disney Channel productions featuring Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas.

Disney Channel's 'Jonas L.A.' episode titled 'Direct to Video'
Disney Channel’s ‘Jonas L.A.’ episode titled ‘Direct to Video’ | Randy Holmes/Disney Channel via Getty Images

The Disney Channel original series ‘Jonas’ is now available on Disney+

They live to party, whether they’re performing on stage or acting in their original television series on Disney Channel. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas starred in Jonas, a comedy which told the story of a boy band trying to live as normal teenagers.

Jonas featured a Halloween special and even the youngest Jonas brother, Frankie. 

This series included plenty of original songs, including the theme song, which was recorded and performed by the Jonas Brothers. Although it originally premiered on Disney’s television network, all episodes of Jonas are now available for streaming on Disney’s subscription service, Disney+.

Movies starring the Jonas Brothers, including ‘Camp Rock,’ are available on Disney+

Aside from starring in Jonas, this boy band appeared in the Camp Rock franchise alongside Demi Lovato. The first film predominately featured Joe Jonas as the angsty rocker, Shane Gray, who falls in love with the voice of one camper.

During Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, each of the Jonas Brothers appeared as the members of Connect Three and loyal alumni of Camp Rock. 

With their friends, this band helped save their summer camp, enjoying the music along the way. Both of these Disney Channel original movies are available for streaming on Disney+, along with productions like High School Musical, The Luck of the Irish, and Lemonade Mouth.


Noah Cyrus (Miley’s Sister) and Frankie Jonas (The Youngest Jonas Brother) Had Their Moments in the Disney Channel Spotlight

For season 2 of ‘Jonas,’ Disney Channel created ‘Jonas LA’ 

For season 2 of the Jonas Brothers’ original series, the characters traveled to Los Angeles to further their musical adventures. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled not long after. However, this boy band had a cameo in the original series, Hannah Montana, where they played themselves.

Since their stardom with the television network, these performers took a step back from Disney Channel. They’ve since resumed their work as a boy band, creating songs like “Sucker,” “What a Man Gotta Do,” and “Cool.”

“We’re not really defined by those years,” Nick Jonas said during an interview with Paper Magazine. “We had a lot of fun… you know, it was sort of a rocket ship to the moon during that time. When Disney played our video for ‘Year 3000,’ everything changed. It all started to happen when Disney got on board. Our years doing Camp Rock and TV shows were really formative.”

Aside from Jonas, Jonas LA, and Hannah Montana, several Disney Channel original shows are available on Disney’s streaming platform. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website.