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Instagram is one of the more popular social media platforms, allowing people the ability to share direct snapshots of their lives with the world – or at least, their followers.

Celebrities especially love Instagram, and within the past year, it has lured some exceptionally big names to the platform, including Jennifer Aniston, who is notoriously averse to social media.

Justin Bieber is one such celebrity with a very large following on Instagram and is known for sharing some deeply personal stories and images.

In the spring of 2018, some sneaky fans discovered that Bieber has so much love for Instagram that he actually has a second account. 

What does Justin Bieber like to share on Instagram?

Justin Bieber on the street
Justin Bieber | James Devaney/GC Images

Justin Bieber rose to fame when he was still a child, making it big on YouTube before ultimately scoring a record deal.

Fans went crazy over everything from Bieber’s “swoop” hairstyle to his dance moves. Still, growing up in the spotlight has definite disadvantages and Bieber has gone through a number of scandals over the years.

Bieber had problems with the law as well as his mental health.

In the past several years, Bieber has taken a significant step back from public life, choosing to work on himself and his personal relationships rather than focusing exclusively on music.

While many celebrities might have chosen to keep such a deeply personal journey to themselves, Bieber has been opening up and sharing his innermost feelings with his fans on Instagram.

Through his social media account, Bieber has talked about the effects of growing up in an unstable home, finding fame at an early age, and his struggles with bad decisions and lack of responsibility.

Rather than mock him for his journey of growth, his fans seem to love it, and support him every step of the way, leaving thousands of positive comments on his Instagram posts.

What is a Finstagram?

Instagram has proven to be an especially popular social media platform for people of all ages, allowing them to express their creativity in new and interesting ways.

However, for those people who want to go the extra mile, there is something called a “Finstagram.” A Finstagram is a secondary Instagram account, known as a user’s fake Instagram.

Often times, users will post content that they would rather their regular followers not see — outrageous photos, scandalous stories, or anything that might incriminate them to an employer. 

Celebrities aren’t averse to the appeal of a Finstagram, and many fans suspect that their favorite celebs have secret accounts known only to family and close friends.

For years, people had a suspicion that Jennifer Aniston had a Finstagram account, which she kept unverified just so she could scroll the platform in anonymity.

Justin Bieber, however, is one such celebrity who’s Finstagram account has been found out. 

What’s on Justin Bieber’s Finstagram account?

In April 2018, fans of Bieber’s found a secondary Instagram account apparently run by Bieber himself.

The account only has a few photos, mainly shots of Bieber partying at Coachella with his good friend, fellow musician Post Malone.

There have been no photos shared to the account since January 2019, so many fans suspect that Bieber is either no longer interested in posting to it now that it has been found out, or that he has simply forgotten the password as so many Instagram users have before him. 

For now, at least, Bieber is still actively involved in his main Instagram account and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

The young artist seems intent on keeping his followers appraised of everything happening in his life — for better or worse.