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Fans of the NCIS franchise, have a choice of 16 binge-worthy past and near-present Christmas episodes to whittle away hours enjoying their favorite NCIS characters take holiday crime and intrigue. This is the perfect time to gather your family around, get with a group of friends, or simply relax with someone special for an NCIS Christmas holiday.

The appeal of ‘NCIS’ Christmas episodes

Anthony DiNozzo Sr. and Anthony DiNozzo Jr. speak in front of a Christmas tree in a scene from one of the 'NCIS' Christmas episodes.
Tony & his father share an ‘NCIS’ Christmas moment | Richard Foreman/CBS via Getty Images

Many people choose to watch past Christmas shows, and the trend has created a whole culture of Christmas-loving, series-fanatic viewers who make it a point to binge-watch past NCIS Christmas episodes.

Here we will recap some fan favorites and give you a complete list of all the NCIS Christmas episodes that you may want to stream this holiday season. But, don’t look for any 2008 NCIS Christmas episodes. Due to the 2008 Writers Guild of America strike, about 12,000 film and television screenwriters didn’t work from Nov. 5, 2007, to Feb. 12, 2008. Also, NCIS Season 19 did not feature a Christmas episode.

A list of ‘NCIS’ Christmas episodes

Season 1, Episode 9 – “Marine Down”

Season 2, Episode 10 – “Chained”

Season 6, Episode 11 – “Silent Night”

Season 7, Episode 11 – “Faith”

Season 8, Episode 11 – “False Witness”

Season 9, Episode 11 – “Newborn King”

Season 10, Episode 10 – “You Better Watch Out”

Season 11, Episode 11 – “Homesick

Season 12, Episode 10 – “House Rules”

Season 13, Episode 11 – “Spinning Wheel”

Season 14, Episode 10 – “The Tie That Binds

Season 15, Episode 10 – “Double Down”

Season 16, Episode 10 – “What Child Is This?”

Season 17, Episode 10 – “The North Pole”

So sit back, grab a cup of eggnog and enjoy binge-watching all the NCIS Christmas episodes. Some are tearjerkers and others are happy reunions, while still others gave vital insight into future NCIS plot directions.

The best ‘NCIS’ Christmas episodes


Is Mark Harmon Returning to ‘NCIS’? Inside the Major Clue That Has Fans Convinced Gibbs is Coming Back!

The 2008 NCIS Christmas episode – “Marine Down” – was not so much a Christmas-themed episode as it was a feel-good ending filled with mystery and intrigue. But, there are many reasons why this first Christmas season episode is a must-watch for NCIS fans – it offers keen insight into the personalities of NCIS main characters. 

Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Kate (Sasha Alexander) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) are called in to investigate whether the call concerning the death of two Marine wives’ husbands, Jim Kidwell and Steve Neary, is a hoax or whether Kidwell is still alive.

In the 2011 holiday episode – “Newborn King” – the NCIS team find themselves investigating the murder of a Navy Captain. But, the true target was the man’s pregnant wife and the evil clan attempt an abduction that ends in a fierce gun battle against Gibbs and Ziva. Their NCIS colleagues, DiNozzo and McGee, arrive in time, and the Christmas backdrop is the perfect setting while Gibbs helps Lt. Reynolds give birth to her baby.

The 2018 Christmas episode – “What Child is This?” – saw Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) investigating the murder of a Navy veteran. The crime turned up much more than the NCIS team could expect – how about a newborn baby with no identification to really pull on your heartstrings? If you enjoy multiple plots and a happy ending within your NCIS Christmas episodes, then this one is a must-see. (Spoiler Alert – Bishop and Torres may find themselves to be parents to a newborn baby.)

NCIS Season 19 airs on CBS and streams on Paramount+.