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Jana Duggar doesn’t typically get as much attention as the rest of the older Duggar daughters. While she’s 30 years old, she’s still living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, as she’s remained single after a few failed courtships. While fans would love to see Jana leave her parents behind and embark on a journey all her own, she doesn’t seem to stray too far from what she knows.

It seems Jana may have taken a solo venture somewhere, though. She posted a photo to Instagram that has family critics wondering if she went on a trip by herself.

Jana Duggar still lives a very sheltered life with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

The Duggars are notorious for marrying young, but not everyone finds their special someone as soon as they enter adulthood. Jana’s 30 years old and still living with Jim Bob and Michelle because she’s remained single. She’s made it known that she’s not willing to settle for just any husband, but she certainly gets questioned about her relationship status regularly.

Jana doesn’t mind the single life, though — and she also doesn’t seem to mind living with her parents and younger siblings. It appears she still stays in the same room as all the little girls in the house. And there’s no doubt she also helps out with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, and regular duties associated with the little ones.

“Love this place I get to call home!” she noted on Instagram back in September 2019.

She posted a photo that shows she’s not at home

Jana may live with Jim Bob and Michelle, but she’ll occasionally leave her small Arkansas town behind and venture out. She’s visited Jinger in the big city of Los Angeles without her parents with her. But there have been a few other trips that appeared to be solo and actually weren’t. A source even claimed Jana’s chaperoned when she hangs out with her friend Laura DeMasie.

It looks like Jana may have recently taken a solo trip without a single parent or sibling, though. On July 14, she posted a photo of herself next to a pool holding a coconut. “Who else loves fresh coconut??” she captioned the post.

If Jim Bob or Michelle were around, there’s a good chance Jana wouldn’t have her sleeves rolled up, too. The photo shows that she rolled them so the top takes on a sleeveless look, but the Duggar kids were never allowed to wear sleeveless tops growing up.

Family critics think Jana may be on a solo trip without any of her family



Family critics are speculating on the photo Jana posted, too. The Duggar family Instagram didn’t post any photos from Jana’s location, which further indicates she’s vacationing without them.

One Reddit user questioned, “where is she? How did she escape alone? Did she fly during a pandemic? So many questions.”

Another asked, “So where is she? And is [Jim Bob] chaperoning her again? Together in a nice house, with nice drinks, swimming pool. You know, like a vacation, the ones you would take with your husband/wife ….”

Others think the break away from her younger siblings looks great on her.

“Not gonna lie, Jana looks good in this picture,” another commented. “A lot of recent pictures she started to look haggard a bit. She’s probably happy she’s not babysitting for her mom.”

We’re glad Jana seems to be enjoying herself, wherever she is. And we’re hoping she was able to find some time to spend alone!

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