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Jinger Vuolo got a lot of support from her family when she announced the release of her book. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar opted not to comment on the memoir, several siblings liked Instagram posts regarding it. Joy-Anna Forsyth insisted that she was excited to read what her big sister had to say. The same support was not shown to another family member. Jill Dillard’s book announcement was met with silence from most of the Duggar family. Some followers theorize that Jim Bob and Michelle are instructing their kids to ice Jill out. If that is what is happening, a couple of family members have broken protocol and engaged with Jill’s recent social media activity, though. 

Close up of Jill Duggar crying in 'Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets'
Jill Duggar | Courtesy of Prime Video

Duggar Family Drama: None of Jill Dillard’s Siblings Have ‘Liked’ Her Book Announcement

The Duggar family is staying pretty quiet about Jill Dillard’s upcoming book, accept two

Jill Dillard announced she would be releasing a book shortly after Amazon released their bombshell docuseries Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. While followers flocked to Jill’s Instagram announcement to show excitement, her family stayed quiet. Her book announcement only received a like from two family members. Both Derick Dillard and Amy Duggar King supported the initial announcement. 

Since then, another extended Duggar family member has shown Jill some love. Jeremy Vuolo commented on one of Jill’s most recent posts. In the Instagram post, Jill thanked Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo for making a date night for the couple possible. Jeremy commented, “Love you guys!” It was the first time since Jill’s announcement that someone associated with the Duggar family, besides her husband and cousin, acknowledged the mother of three. 

Jeremy married Jill’s sister, Jinger Vuolo, in 2016. Much like the Dillards, the Vuolos have opted to forge their own path. They are leading their family without the influence of the Institute of Basic Life Principles. Jeremy and Jinger live in Los Angeles with their two daughters. 

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar released a statement condemning a recent Amazon docuseries

While most of the Duggar family is ignoring Jill Dillard’s book announcement, they are paying close attention to what is being streamed on Amazon. Following the release of the Amazon docuseries Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, Michelle, and Jim Bob Duggar released a statement. In their statement, they condemned the series, alleging it was sensationalized. While the couple didn’t call out Jill Dillard directly in their statement, Duggar family followers think Jill’s involvement is creating a greater rift between Jill and the rest of her family than there ever has been. In short, family followers theorize that Jim Bob and Michelle are really mad. 

Jedidiah Duggar “liked” an Instagram comment that lambasted Jill for going against the family, and the rest of the Duggar siblings are unusually quiet. Jessa Seewald, largely seen as the family spokesperson, hasn’t commented on the docuseries or Jill’s book. Joy, who was excited to tell followers she would be reading Jinger’s non-fiction offering, hasn’t said a word about Jill’s project. Jill, who served as Joy-Anna and Jedidiah’s buddy, essentially raised her younger siblings. 

The lack of support for the book might have something to do with Jill’s docuseries involvement. It’s also possible that the family realizes Jill won’t be holding back in the upcoming memoir. Jinger’s book was more about her spiritual journey than her family, making it a safer read for the Duggar clan. 

Jill’s book, Counting the Cost, will be released in hardcover and e-book formats on Sept. 12, 2023.