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Eddie Murphy has been divorced from his ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell Murphy, for over a decade. The two may no longer be married, but they’ve always maintained a close relationship for the sake of their family and publicly supported one another throughout the years.

Nicole Mitchell Murphy and Eddie Murphy in 2004
Nicole Murphy and Eddie Murphy in 2004. | Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Both Eddie and Nicole have had other relationships since their split, but they continued to cheer each other on. They became one of Hollywood’s ex-couples who set the standard for successful co-parenting. However, a cheating scandal involving Nicole once ignited rumors that their bond was jeopardized.

Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy’s relationship

Eddie Murphy first laid eyes on Nicole Murphy in 1988. She was a model who had walked runways in Italy and he was the hottest standup comedian and movie star at the time. The two dated for several years and welcomed a daughter, Bria, in 1989.

Eddie Murphy Nicole Murphy
Eddie Murphy, Nicole Murphy and their children | Mirek Towski/FilmMagic

The couple married in a lavish wedding in 1993. Their wedding was one of the first opulent celebrity marriages of their time. The nuptials took place at the Plaza Hotel in New York City and included 500 guests. It is estimated the stars paid $1.5 million for the ceremony and reception.

They had four more children before they separated. After 12 years of marriage, Nicole Murphy filed for divorce in 2005. Eddie Murphy released a statement to People magazine saying, “The welfare of our children is our main concern and their best interest is our first priority.” Nicole reportedly received a $15 million divorce settlement. They remained close friends and co-parented their children following the split.

Eddie Murphy was allegedly embarrassed by Nicole Murphy

At the time, Nicole wasn’t publicly linked to anyone since her breakup with Michael Strahan. The former model and fitness buff was seen partying with rapper, Drake, at her 50th birthday bash in 2018. She would later confirm they were just friends.

Nicole was assumed to be single until photos of her kissing director Antione Fuqua surfaced. The problem arose when the world found out that Fuqua was a married man. Fuqua has been married to his wife, actor Lela Rochon-Fuqua, for more than 20 years.

After the tabloid photos of Nicole and Fuqua were plastered across social media pages and television screens, Rochon-Fuqua disabled her social media accounts while Nicole released two conflicting statements surrounding her kiss with Fuqua.

In Nicole’s first statement, she claimed she and Fuqua were close family friends who shared a “friendly kiss.” Social media commentators did not buy her story and criticized her for the presumed affair. Days later, she would release another statement apologizing for her part in the whole kissing fiasco, offering apologies to Rochon-Fuqua and her family. 

With Eddie and Nicole maintaining a close relationship, sources claiming to have inside knowledge from the comedian alleged he was upset with his ex-wife. Blogger B. Scott, who was one of the first to report on the kiss, revealed “exclusive” information about the tense exchange between the two. Eddie is said to have told Nicole that her relationship with Fuqua was an embarrassment to their family and negatively impacted their five children.

Eddie allegedly suggested that Nicole apologize once again. Nicole was interviewed on The Wendy Williams Show to tell her side of the story. If there’s any truth to Eddie’s reported disappointment in his ex-wife, she tried to make amends with her famous ex by doing as he asked and publicly apologized. 

Nicole Murphy and Eddie Murphy moved on

Eddie had a whirlwind love affair with film producer and record executive, Tracey Edmonds. They exchanged vows in a sunset ceremony on a private French Polynesian Island on New Years Eve 2008. They announced their split after just two weeks of marriage.

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds
Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds | Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Sources close to the couple revealed to People magazine following the news of their relationship going sour that Eddie and Edmonds had bad chemistry from the start. There were talks of the couple fighting daily, to the point that their guests could hear the two screaming at each other over the course of their multi-day nuptials. They both moved on with other people, with Eddie entering into a relationship Paige Butcher and welcoming more children. He’s now a father of 10.