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On Jan. 8, 2024, Graceland hosted its annual birthday tribute to Elvis Presley. To celebrate the King of Rock and Roll’s birth, fans and famous faces gathered at his Memphis, Tennessee home. However, some fans were heartbroken one person in particular didn’t attend this year’s event, breaking a Presley family tradition.

Graceland celebrated Elvis Presley’s birthday, but one person was noticeably absent

The annual birthday celebration for Elvis Presley was held on his birthday, January 8. However, one person was noticeably absent, and a Presley family tradition was broken.

Riley Keough, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter and now the sole owner of her family’s Memphis estate, was not in attendance. Her absence was noticeable by fans, who enjoyed Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley’s attendance at the event in the past.

In the comments section of a Facebook post honoring the celebration, fans voiced their heartbreak. They believed someone from the Presley family should have represented the clan at the annual event.

“Happy birthday to Elvis. Where was his granddaughter?” questioned one follower. A second wrote, “I’m happy they’re still doing this at Graceland. Cause Lisa Marie Presley was always there to celebrate her late father’s birthday. And now, with her gone, I didn’t think it was going to carry on.”

A third fan wrote, “Happy Birthday Elvis. I do wish Riley would have been there. It was so important to her mother.”

Why wasn’t Riley Keough at Elvis Presley’s birthday celebration at Graceland?

The evening prior, Riley Keough was scheduled to appear at the Golden Globes Awards. She was nominated for her performance as Daisy Jones in Daisy Jones and the Six.

The event was held in Los Angeles, California. Following the awards were several industry parties that most nominees attended.

Therefore it might have not been logistically possible for Keough to attend both events if the previous night’s festivities had not ended until early in the morning. A flight from LA to Memphis typically takes three and one-half hours, and the celebration began at 8:30 CST.

Another reason the actor may not have attended was that less than a week after the celebration is the first anniversary of Lisa Marie Presley’s death. Keough may instead, spend private time at the home out of the spotlight with her family at the home on that day rather than surrounded by thousands of spectators, although this has not been confirmed by the Presley family.

When did Elvis Presley’s birthday celebrations begin at Graceland?

In 1974, the king turned 39, and the mayors of Memphis and Shelby County in Tennessee declared January 8 to be Elvis Presley Day, according to the official Graceland blog.

That first year, a parade was held down Elvis Presley Boulevard to Graceland. Presley’s high school alma mater, Humes, had their band play “Happy Birthday.”

Elvis watched the parade from his front porch. January 8 was declared Elvis Presley Day in Georgia by Jimmy Carter, who was, at the time, the Governor of the Peach State.

The Memphis and Shelby County Mayors, as well as other special guests and officials, continue the Elvis Birthday Proclamation tradition each year at Graceland. Lisa Marie Presley made her last appearance at the annual celebration four days before her untimely death on Jan. 12, 2023.