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Elvis Presley‘s TCB logo is synonymous with the King of Rock and Roll. However, before it became intrinsically linked to everything Elvis, it began as a Priscilla Presley doodle.

Priscilla Presley shared the real story behind the TCB logo on Instagram

Priscilla Presley shared a video filmed in Graceland’s TV room to Instagram, where she shared the real story behind Elvis Presley’s iconic TCB logo. The original clip was filmed in 1984 and was part of a VHS documentary titled Elvis Presley’s Graceland with Priscilla Presley.

In the video’s caption, Priscilla shared the real story behind the design of the TCB logo and how she was a part of its creation. It all started with a doodle.

She explained, “Elvis and I were on a flight leaving Calif and heading to Memphis [and their Graceland home]. Elvis was looking out the window then turned to me and said, ‘I want a logo for me and just the guys with TCB on it, Taking care of business.'” Priscilla said in the clip that Elvis wanted it to represent his philosophy on life and business.

“Back in the day, planes used to have writing paper and envelopes available for passengers. I took a plain paper and started drawing,” Priscilla continued. “I looked out the window, and all of a sudden, a lightning bolt lit up the sky.”

She concluded, “I went back to the paper and drew a lightning bolt with Taking Care of Business above it. I showed it to Elvis and asked, ‘Something like this?’ He had the biggest smile and said, ‘THAT’S IT!!!'” Priscilla revealed the lightning bolt stood for “in a flash.”

Priscilla later brought the design to a Los Angeles jeweler to copy alongside Jerry Schilling. “The rest is history! Never did we ever think it would become so popular,” she admits.

There was also a version for the women in Elvis Presley’s entourage

After creating the now-iconic TCB logo and turning it into necklaces for the men in his entourage, Elvis Presley wanted to expand on the idea. He extended his generosity toward the women in his life.

Therefore, he piggybacked on the TCB logo and designed one for the women, including Priscilla and the other wives close to the family. He created one that stood for Tender Loving Care, or TLC.

“However, the TCB with a lightning bolt became his signature,” Priscilla says in the video. He placed it on many items, including a ring on the tail end of the Lisa Marie airplane.”

Elvis Presley and the TCB band photographed in 1973.
Elvis Presley and the TCB band photographed in 1973 | Gary Null/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Graceland Is the ‘Heart and Soul’ of Elvis’ Legacy Says Priscilla Presley

Elvis Presley loved the TCB logo. He even used it as a name for his backing band from the late 1960s until his death.

The TCB Band is a group of musicians who formed the rhythm section of Elvis Presley’s band from August 1969 until he died in 1977. The name of this group also extended to Elvis’ backup singers during that period.

The original members of the TCB band were James Burton (lead guitar), Jerry Scheff (bass), John Wilkinson (rhythm guitar), Larry Muhoberac (keyboards) and Ron Tutt (drums). They first appeared live at Elvis’ first Las Vegas performance on July 31, 1969, at the International Hotel.

Other group members during Elvis’ lifetime were Bob Lanning, drums; Eddie Graham, percussion; Jerome ‘Stump’ Moore, drums; Emory Gordy Jr., bass and rhythm guitar; Duke Bardwell, bass; Tony Brown, piano; Larrie Londin, drums; David Briggs, electric piano and clavinet; and Bobby Ogdin, electric piano, and clavinet.