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Graceland was Elvis Presley‘s beloved home for 20 years. Today, it is still a Presley family home and a museum visited by over half a million people yearly. The mansion contains many areas not included within the main tour, including a top-secret archives building known as Graceland’s “coolest place.” Here’s why.

Angie Marchese’s deep dive into Elvis Presley’s life via the archives

What began as a summer job at 15 as a Graceland tour guide has become a life’s career for Angie Marchese. Now the VP of Archives and Exhibits at the Memphis home, Marchese is a point person for everything fans see within the home, including its extensive archives collection.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Marchese began making YouTube videos from within Graceland so fans could remain connected to the historic home. The first “Inside the Archives” clip explains why the building is Graceland’s “coolest place.”

The archives building is unique for many reasons. Marchese claims it is supposed to withstand a tornado’s impact. She said, “Hopefully, we don’t have to test that theory.”

“It is the coolest place on the property. It actually stays at 68 degrees all year long.”

She concluded, “So in the winter, it’s pretty warm. And in the summer, it’s pretty cool here.”

The Graceland Archives contain thousands of priceless Elvis Presley artifacts

According to Graceland’s official website, only 10% of the Elvis Presley items in the Graceland Archives are on display. Subsequently, the collection consists of over 50,000 photographs, 3,000 textiles, thousands of documents, and an extensive collection of furniture, musical instruments, awards, automobiles, and other artifacts associated with the King of Rock and Roll. 

The archives department not only maintains, but tracks the complete collection of Elvis Presley artifacts. It is their job to preserve these priceless items in both the mansion and exhibits on display at Graceland mansion.

Fans can get up close to items in the archives during the Inside the Graceland Archives Ultimate VIP Tour. A limited number of tours are available each day.

Angie Marchese claims the archives hold 90,000 images alone of Elvis

Elvis Presley's wallet is one of the archival items at Graceland
Elvis Presley’s wallet is one of the archival items at Graceland | Tolga Akmen/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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During the video, Angie Marchese opened a file cabinet to show fans some of the items inside. She wore white gloves to touch the priceless artifacts.

She showed fans a promotional photo of Elvis from the film Jailhouse Rock. The image belonged to Elvis and Vernon, “so who knows how many times Elvis flipped through and took a look at these photos?”

Marchese randomly pulled a second photograph. It was a snap of Elvis from the film King Creole, which she said was “Elvis’ favorite movie” and shot on location in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland home is open for tours 363 days a year. The house is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days.