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Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley were rock and roll royalty for over a decade before their marriage ended in 1973. Conflicting reports of their relationship status on both sides have made fans wonder if they remained friends or if their relationship was estranged as they jointly raised their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. However, in a statement just weeks before his death, Elvis shared there were “too many bridges burned” with his ex-wife to consider reuniting with her romantically.

Elvis Presley admitted to ‘many bridges burned’ with Priscilla Presley weeks before his death

Elvis Presley’s cousin, Billy Smith, shared details of his conversation with the King of Rock and Roll just weeks before his death on his YouTube channel, Elvis Fans Matter. This private conversation took place upstairs in Lisa Marie’s bedroom around two or three months before Elvis died at 42 on Aug. 16, 1977.

Billy shared, “We got around to talking about when Elvis met Priscilla and naturally, then everything that happened. When they first married, they were a happy couple, and everything seemed to be going well. Naturally, they had their disagreements at times, but what couple didn’t?”

He continued, “I think they got along fairly well, but y’know Elvis, I’ve always said he was just never faithful to any one woman at any given time. We were talking about different things like that, and it was brought up about how he and Priscilla raised Lisa together, and she would come and spend time with him.”

“Elvis said that Priscilla was doing her thing, and he was doing his. And what he kind of meant by that is the fact…were they going to get back together?”

Elvis told Smith, “I just don’t ever foresee us getting back together. There were way too many bridges being burned behind me. I’ll never go down that road again.”

Did Elvis Presley enjoy being married to Priscilla Presley?

According to Billy Smith, Elvis Presley did love Priscilla Presley. However, he admitted that the physical distance between them, due partly to Elvis’ heavy work schedule, added to their marriage breakdown.

Smith revealed that in that private conversation upstairs at Graceland, Elvis shared that he “enjoyed” his marriage to Priscilla “for a short time.”

Elvis told Smith, “When I was performing in Vegas, we were not together a lot of the time. She found out I was seeing other women. I found out she was seeing another guy.”

He continued, “It broke my heart. I wanted him [Mike Stone] killed; it really had crossed my mind. But I later realized it was all my pride and ego [talking.]”

‘I love Priscilla and always will’

Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley on their wedding day in May 1967.
Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley on their wedding day in May 1967 | Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

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Asked if he still loved Priscilla, Elvis told Billy: “Yeah, like a lot of the women I went with, I love them. I love Priscilla and always will in a lot of ways.”

But he said that as far as ever getting back together, that would never happen. “I just don’t think I can live with that. She was seeing another guy and has been with other guys. I’m sure she thinks the same about me being with other women.”

Surprisingly, Elvis did admit that he “should have never been married.” He added. “I don’t think I’ll ever go down that road again.”

Elvis Presley became engaged to Ginger Alden in early 1977. Their wedding was reportedly set to take place later that same year. Alden was the one who found Elvis’ lifeless body in his bathroom on Aug. 16, 1977.