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Rue (Zendaya) is detoxing in the Euphoria episode “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood” thanks to Jules (Hunter Schafer). In the episode prior, Jules clued Leslie (Nika King) in to Rue’s drug use — something most fans thought Jules did out of love. Those fans are outraged by the few who think Jules “snitched” because she wants to be with Elliot (Dominic Fike). 

Jules (Hunter Schafer) sits at Rue's kitchen table in 'Stand Still Like the Hummingbird' episode of 'Euphoria'
Hunter Schafer | Eddy Chen/HBO

Did Jules ‘snitch’ on Rue because she wants to be with Elliot? 

“I lowkey feel like she was getting Rue out of the picture to keep f***ing with Elliot and not have to feel bad about it,” one Euphoria fan tweeted, kickstarting a discussion about the theory. Most Euphoria fans found the idea ridiculous, picking it apart in nearly 500 comments on Reddit.

“I swear some people think this show is like Gossip Girl or something,” one Reddit user commented. “We’ve repeatedly seen that Jules’ greatest fear is Rue DYING, yet everyone is accusing her of telling Rue’s mom out of ‘selfishness’ HUH?????” said another comment. 

Elliot (Dominic Fike) in the 'Euphoria' Season 2 episode 'Stand Still Like the Hummingbird'
Dominic Fike | Eddy Chen/HBO

Many are bothered by Jules sleeping with Elliot, feeling like it gives “Jules haters” more motive to hate her in the HBO series. Meanwhile, others don’t think Jules is “romantically” into Rue but still cares about her as a person, which is what motivated her to tell Leslie about the drugs. 

Most ‘Euphoria’ fans think Jules acted out of love for Rue 

As with any fan theory, there are multiple sides. The show could prove a lot of people wrong and present a future romance between Jules and Elliot. But most fans think Jules exposed Rue’s drug use because she loves and cares about her. 

“I’ve seen people say that Jules only told Rue’s mom to clear her conscious, but I feel like it’s so obvious that she did [because] she cares so much about Rue,” says one Redditor. “If Jules did it just to clear her conscious, she wouldn’t have stuck around to her yelled at by Rue; she wouldn’t have just sat and taken what Rue said. She would leave just like Elliot did.”

Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer) sitting on an overpass in an episode of the HBO series 'Euphoria'
Zendaya & Hunter Schafer | Eddy Chen/HBO

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As another fan explained it, almost every character in Euphoria has done “unforgivable and inexcusable things.” They’re confused about “why Jules character is so hated and criticized over others who have arguably done worse.” In their opinion, Jules’ fling with Elliot is her first “unforgivable and inexcusable” offense.

‘Euphoria’ fans are unclear about Elliot’s motives 

As mentioned in this conversation and several other threads on Reddit, fans are unsure about Elliot. Some fans find Elliot manipulative, supporting Rue’s drug use throughout every episode of season 2 we’ve seen so far. 

Others think he’s just after a threesome with Rue and Jules, considering the intimate moments he has shared thus far with both characters. Still, others believe he just wants to be friends with the duo. 

How Elliots’ role in Rue and Jules’ life plays out remains to be seen. Watch new episodes of Euphoria every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.