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Fox’s down-home reality dating series Farmer Wants a Wife is back for season 2. Starting Thursday, Feb. 1, a fresh batch of farmers will try their luck at finding love on TV. Will they have more success than the men from season 1? Unfortunately, Farmer Landon, Farmer Allen, Farmer Hunter, and Farmer Ryan didn’t meet the women of their dreams on the show, though they did walk away from the experience with lasting friendships. Here’s where the cast of Farmer Wants a Wife Season 1 is in 2024. 

Landon Heaton is still friends with some of the ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ cast

Landon from 'Farmer Wants a Wife' leaning on a fence and wearing a cowboy hat
Landon from ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ | FOX via Getty Images

In the Farmer Wants a Wife Season 1 finale, Landon Heaton had to choose between Ashley L. and Ashley R. He declared his love for Ashley L., but unfortunately, the romance didn’t last. In June 2023, they confirmed they’d split up a month after filming the show’s last episode. There were no hard feelings on either side 

Ashley is an exceptional woman and I look forward to watching her succeed,” Landon shared on Instagram.

“We are friends and always will be,” Ashley said in a post on her Instagram. “I am forever grateful for meeting a one-of-a-kind man.”

Though things didn’t work out with Ashley, Landon did walk away from the show with some new friendships. He and fellow farmer Allen Foster have spent time hanging out with season 1’s Sydney Groom. But he’s keeping things strictly platonic with Sydney. “Lol no,” he replied on Instagram in January 2024 when someone asked if they were together. 

Allen Foster is still single

Allen ended up choosing Khelsi, a teacher from Georgia, to join him on his farm at the end of Farmer Wants a Wife Season 1. But it didn’t work out. Shortly after the finale, they confirmed they were not together, with Khelsi implying on social media that the breakup wasn’t amicable. 

Since his time on the Fox show, Allen has thrown himself back into ranching life. As for a relationship, he’s still single. One of his fellow farmers from season 1 even took to social media to find him a new lady. 

“​​With a simple message … you can save me from having to hear how lonely this sad, dirty cowboy is,” Landon captioned the joking post on Instagram

Hunter Grayson is ‘grateful’ for the ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ experience 

Georgia farmer Hunter Grayson found love with event planner Meghan Baker on Farmer Wants a Wife. But in late June 2023, they confirmed that they’d split. Despite the breakup, Hunter has no regrets about doing the show. 

“One year ago…. I had no idea it would become one of the greatest experiences of my life,” he shared in an October 2023 Instagram post. “I will be forever grateful to all that were involved. To the amazing ladies, thank you just doesn’t seem enough for everything y’all went through, I stand by my statement of wishing each of you the world. Here’s to the future and what it brings, cheers to all!”

Though he and Meghan are no longer a couple, it doesn’t sound like there’s any bad blood between them. 

“Couldn’t have said it any better,” she wrote in reply to Hunter’s post. “Here’s to the future! Let us remember it’s all in God’s hands.”

Based on his social media updates, Hunter appears to be single. But in October 2023, he spent time at Universal Studios Orlando with Allen’s ex Khelsi for what she called a “tiny, mini [Farmer Wants a Wife] reunion” on Instagram. That led some fans to wonder if they were dating. However, neither has confirmed a relationship. 

Farmer Ryan is in a relationship 

Ryan with his arm around Haley R. in 'Farmer Wants a Wife'
Haley R. and Ryan in ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ | FOX via Getty Images

‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Is Back in 2024, and These 4 Guys Are Looking for Love 

Ryan Black was the only guy from the first season of Farmer Wants a Wife who wound up single at the end of the show. But he didn’t have to fly solo for long. A few months after filming wrapped, he met someone, he recently told Lancaster Farming

“I’m just in a happy place,” the North Carolina farmer said. He added that he has zero regrets about doing the show, which he described as “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” And he’s thrilled that he came out of the experience with lasting friendships with the other farmers. 

“We are still just itching to see each other and hang out,” he said. “I couldn’t ask for more when it comes to what I got from this show.”

Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 premieres Thursday, Feb. 1 at 9 p.m. ET. 

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