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On every reality show, there is at least one showmance. Just look at every season of The Real World or Big Brother. It’s almost impossible for groups of strangers to live in a house together for a prolonged amount of time without anyone hooking up. Especially if those people are on an MTV show.

Candace Rice, Codi Butts, Gus Smyrnios, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Kortni Gilson, Jeremiah Buoni and Aimee Hall
Candace Rice, Codi Butts, Gus Smyrnios, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Kortni Gilson, Jeremiah Buoni, and Aimee Hall | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Nilsa Prowant and Gus Smyrnios had a tumultuous, and some might even say toxic, relationship during the first two seasons of Floribama Shore. But now that season three has begun, everyone is wondering what happened between the two in their off time?

Nilsa and Gus’ relationship

On season one of Floribama Shore, Smyrnios was set on getting with Prowant but the feelings weren’t mutual as she was just getting out of a stressful relationship. On season two of the show, the pair were trapped in a constant cycle of hooking up and then not speaking. This time, it was Prowant that wanted to make things official and Smyrnios who wanted to play the field.

“[Season two] was really hard to watch,” Prowant told HollywoodLife. “I think there was a couple times where I actually would watch it and cry for myself. This guy clearly does not want anything to do with [me]. Why am [I] still chasing him? [I] do not deserve that. I feel like if no guy is going to treat me like a queen, then I need to keep it moving. I wish that I would have done things differently because if I wasn’t sitting there throwing myself at him and just came from, like, a friendship standpoint, maybe things would have been different.”

But now, Smyrnios has a girlfriend so things are sure to be different this season.

What happened between Gus and Nilsa off-camera?

Prowant and Smyrnios haven’t really been in contact since the last season ended.

“I tried to reach out to Gus multiple times [before filming] and he actually never responded to me because his girlfriend at the time blocked me on his social media, would not let him text me back, would not let him return my phone calls, or anything,” Prowant said. “We didn’t get a chance to discuss that. So, coming into the house, I felt like I was going to have to walk on eggshells because his girlfriend didn’t like me. It’s going to be awkward because…I’m not going anywhere!”

What happens in season three?

Though Smyrnios has a girlfriend this season, there will still be drama between him and Prowant.

“I think that you guys get to see ‘Gilsa’ in a new light and a new relationship,” she said. “I’m really excited for that because the Gilsa trainwreck is now something different — the relationship is something different.”

But the focus won’t only be on “Gilsa.” Codi Butts and Candace Rice will also continue to explore the relationship they started last season.

“You’ll definitely see from the first episode that we tried to kind of maybe pursue it and then you’ll see what happens and how it plays out the rest of the season,” Butts told the outlet. “I think she reciprocates some. You guys will see how it plays out and how we both figure it out and decide what we were going to be.”