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Have you ever seen a quote from a celebrity and been forced to do a double-take? While the rich and famous might have successful careers, the adulation of millions of fans and plenty of money, they are not immune to making truly wild statements. In fact, we found five celebrity quotes that are genuinely too outrageous to believe.

Cardi B admits to robbing and drugging men

Cardi B is known for blurting out whatever happens to come to her mind. The female rapper who jumped into the music scene with both feet in recent years used to be a stripper, and she’s happy to tell the world exactly what she used to do to make her money. Cardi B dropped a colorful anecdote on Instagram live where she told fans “I had to go strip, I had to go, ‘Oh yeah, you want to f**k me? Yeah yeah yeah, let’s go back to this hotel,’ and I drugged n****s up and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do.”

More recently, Cardi B stood by her statements. Never one to apologize, the rapper pretty much shrugged her shoulders and suggested it was  just what she had to do, but not before pointing out the hypocrisy of the rap world. She noted that many rappers glorify drugs, violence and murder in their music.

Donald Trump once mused about Lindsay Lohan’s bedroom skills

Donald Trump has plenty of wild statement to choose from, but perhaps one of his most crude was commentary he offered to Howard Stern about Lindsay Lohan way back when President Trump was known as “the Donald”. Trump suggested that he believes Lohan must be good in bed because she was deeply troubled at the time. The 2004 statement came mere minutes after the Mean Girls actress turned 18. 

He said of the starlet; “She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed. How come the deeply troubled women, you know, deeply, deeply troubled, they’re always the best in bed?” Howard Stern, for his part in the conversation, agreed with Trump, but the now-president initiated the conversation.

Farrah Abraham doesn’t know the definition of feminism

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham isn’t exactly known for her brilliant mind, but she still manages to surprise the masses with the dumb things that come out of her mouth. During a 2013 interview, Abraham was asked if she was a feminist. The poor soul must have skipped more than a few English classes because she was quoted in the interview as saying; “What does that mean, you’re a lesbian or something?”

Everyone needs to give the interviewer a round of applause for not bursting into giggles. Farrah continued to press the reporter, asking for the context of the word, like she was at the National Spelling Bee and the country of origin of the word was going to help her out.

Meghan Fox talked her way out of the Transformers franchise

Remember when Meghan Fox lit up the screen in Transformers? The brunette bombshell was great in the role and seemed to enjoy the filming process, but she wasn’t a huge fan of her boss. In fact, Meghan Fox managed to talk her way right out of starring in the next film by referring to director Michael Bay as Hitler.

Fox said “Bay wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for but when you get him away from set, and he’s not in director mode, I kind of really enjoy his personality because he’s so awkward, so hopelessly awkward.” Fox’s sort-of compliment at the end of the statement couldn’t save her job. Steven Spielberg ordered Bay to fire Fox on the spot.