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Before Gwen Stefani coached in The Voice Season 24 and had country star Blake Shelton waiting at home in Oklahoma for her, she married fellow rocker Gavin Rossdale. The Bush lead and the No Doubt singer married in 2002 and divorced in 2016. While Stefani found love after Rossdale, it’s been a tough road for Rossdale to find a lasting relationship. Here’s what he said about being “on and off” dating apps since his divorce.

Gavin Rossdale talked about dating on the apps after his divorce from ‘The Voice’ star Gwen Stefani

The Voice Season 24 star Gwen Stefani never references her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, in the show, though she frequently mentions fellow Voice star Blake Shelton. Rossdale and Stefani had a difficult divorce, as allegations of an affair swirled around Rossdale and the family nanny. When Stefani met Shelton, it brought them closer, as Shelton was also dealing with his divorce from country star Miranda Lambert.

Stefani found true love with Shelton, even moving to Oklahoma with him and giving rural life a shot. As for Rossdale, he’s had relationships since his marriage ended in 2016. But it hasn’t been easy. He spoke on the Not So Hollywood podcast about his experience with dating apps.

“I’m single right now,” Rossdale said in June 2023. “The last girl I was with, I met at the last movie I did, the premiere of the movie. That was kind of fun. … I think it’s better to meet them in person. I think the Raya thing is good. But I’m not sure how tangible it is. … I’ve seen it. They put me on it, I tried it. I’ve worked on and off it, to be honest, because you can turn yourself on and off.”

Raya is an exclusive dating app for celebrities. Despite the nature of the app, Rossdale verified he finds it better to meet people in the real world. “On that social note, you have to go out more, so I can’t turn down things,” he added. “I have to be like, see you there.”

While Rossdale has trouble dating, he says he’s happily been “offering” relationship advice to his kids. “I tell, I said, I would say, ‘Listen, I had to figure this whole thing out on my own. Anything you want to know, anything, anything,'” he added. “So, we get into it. We get way into it.”

'The Voice' Season 24 star Gwen Stefani standing next to Gavin Rossdale
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale | Chris Polk/PMA2014/Getty Images for dcp

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The Bush lead singer once said he’s ‘not very good’ at dating

Gavin Rossdale has had a few girlfriends since his divorce from The Voice Season 24 star Gwen Stefani. He dated Sophia Thomalla in 2018 and Natalie Golba in 2020. Most recently, he was linked with actor and singer Courtlyn Cannan in 2022. But all of these relationships fell short.

“I keep getting screwed up and screwed over in all these relationships,” he told People in 2020. “I’m not very good at them, I guess. I had a divorce, I had a long-term girlfriend — that went to s*** — and I don’t have a girlfriend now, even though everyone seems to think I do. You get burned by that stuff.”

There’s absolutely no hope for a reconciliation between Stefani and Rossdale, which is for the best. Stefani couldn’t be happier with Blake Shelton by her side. And, by Rossdale’s own admission, he and Stefani are very different people. While their marriage worked for over a decade, Stefani seems much happier in the countryside.

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