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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic brought unprecedented changes to many places around the world, including soap opera sets. When the pandemic took hold in the U.S. in March, soaps began shutting down production. They have since resumed filming, and General Hospital actress Haley Pullos admits it was an emotional moment when the cast and crew came back after lockdown.

‘General Hospital’ started filming again in mid-July

General Hospital halted filming in mid-March just as the pandemic was forcing many Americans out of schools and workplaces. The show resumed filming four months later in July, and the cast and crew returned to set.

Since the pandemic is still going on, General Hospital and other soap operas are also following strict social distancing guidelines. Producer Frank Valentini shared with ABC 7 that the cast and crew are tested for COVID-19 regularly and many measures are in place to encourage physical distance between everyone.

New episodes stopped airing in late May, but viewers finally got the chance to see them again on Aug. 3.

Haley Pullos admits she ‘cried a little’ when ‘General Hospital’ returned after shutdown

Haley Pullos
Haley Pullos | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Since the cast and crew were not allowed to come to work for four months, it makes sense many people had a lot of emotions when General Hospital started filming again. For Haley Pullos, who plays Molly Lansing-Davis, some tears might have been shed.

In a new interview with Hollywood Hi, Pullos admits she was “so thrilled” to be back on set. “I’m pretty sure I cried a little when I got my first date to go back,” Pullos says. “My work is definitely my favorite thing to do in the world, so it was really tough going without it for so many months!”

Haley Pullos likes to hang out by the pool during the pandemic


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Additionally, Pullos also shares some more details about how she has been spending time these past several months. Fortunately for Pullos, she has a pool that can help her get through the pandemic.

She tells Hollywood Hi, “I’ve had my ups and downs during all this for sure, as most people probably have. I mean, it’s just a weird, difficult, scary time for everyone! But I’ve been doing my best to stay sane – I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful pool that I’m in almost every day so that helps!”

Pullos reveals she managed to pick up some “new projects” while under lockdown as well.

However, the pandemic also put a stop to some plans for Pullos. Aside from not being able to act on General Hospital for months, Pullos could not travel like she wanted to.

“I’ve never really traveled a whole lot, and right at the end of last year, I decided ‘Okay, 2020 is the year I’m finally just gonna explore as much as possible!’ Well, the universe laughed at that one,” Pullos says before sharing that she would like to go to Europe. “I’m really hoping to go next year, if the universe cooperates. My dream vacation spot when I was little was Paris, but now I’d be happy to go literally anywhere.”